Baseball’s head coach prepares for 25th season


David Jenkins

No. 27 Rafael Cortez practicing with his team. Cortez is seen here bunting.

David Jenkins

Head Coach of the Falcons’ baseball team, Ken Gaylord, says he’s ready for another season as he walks into his 25th season with the team.

In 25 seasons, he has been head coach for 22 of those.

Last year, the baseball team ended the season with a record of 14-26.

Gaylord says that this year will be different than last season when he had nothing but freshmen on the team.

“Offensive wise, we got a lot of guys coming back from last year. We had all freshmen last year and we lost 13-run games and I think we can turn that around. We got good kids and they work hard. I’m anxious to see how they’ll do,” he said.

This year’s team has 23 players. 12 returning sophomores,11 freshmen and one transfer student.

One of the 11 sophomores is Ramon Bramasco.

Bramasco attended Cathedral High School, where he was named Del Rey League most valuable player during his senior year.

He agreed with his head coach that returning sophomores will make a difference this year.

“I believe experience is a huge thing especially coming from high school to college… When you go out there you don’t know what to expect.

“When you come into the game, things move a lot faster, a lot different. Having our guys returning, our experience will come up and we will know what to expect [and] we’re not going in blind sided.

“…we got a–good freshmen class coming in and we’re going to help guide them” Bramasco said.

Even though it rained the first couple of days of school that didn’t stop the team from practicing.

The team hit the cages instead of hitting the fields, when it rained.

They barely were able to get on the field last Wednesday.

“We’re just throwing everything at them to get them ready. It’s a lot different now then it used to be,” said Gaylord, “It used to be that you played 40 games in the fall and now they limited us to 10. Anyone can win a game once a week.”

Gaylord said they’re pretty much doing the same thing, they’re just changing up offensive wise.

Their first game is on Jan. 26 at 2 p.m against Mt. San Jacinto and it’s home game.

The last time they played Mt. San Jacinto was last season in 2016 and they lost a close game of 7-6.

Will the Falcons’ baseball team start the season with a strong win? Or will they repeat last year’s lost against Mt. San Jacinto?