Audio Story: College athletes deserve to be paid. What’s the holdup?

Keanu Ruffo, Sports Editor

Keanu Ruffo:

College athletes should be allowed to make endorsement deals based on their popularity in the sport they’re in.

Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) introduced legislation Wednesday afternoon that would allow athletes to sign endorsement deals with some restrictions on what types of deals they could sign and agree to.

It would be extremely disappointing if the bill falls through. Having contracts with third-parties will prepare them for a possible professional career which comes with having to market themselves with local or national companies.

The value to the athletes is certainly the compensation, but beyond that, they get the opportunity for internships and the ability to learn what it’s like on the business side of sports.

The NCAA is a $14 billion dollar industry which makes it ridiculous and unfair that athletes can’t accept the smallest of benefits.

How and when will these student-athletes be able to endorse products then? It’s already hard for them to balance their practice and academics schedule out along with studying for each of their classes.

College athletes aren’t asking to be paid millions of dollars, and they surely can’t keep asking family members or friends for money to survive through the week.

Change needs to happen and it needs to happen now. Pass the bill!

I’m Keanu Ruffo with Talon Marks.