Quidditch comes to Cerritos College

Qudditch coach Aldemar Sanchez has been running drills with new team members in order to learn the sport of Quidditch.

Yes Quidditch – the same sport that Harry Potter and Ron Weasley played in the series. But since we don’t live in the magical world of Harry Potter, some things have to change in order for Quidditch to be played on a college campus.

The players all still have broomsticks between their legs but these broomsticks don’t fly. Instead of a ball with wings the snitch is a person dressed in yellow.

But the rest is pretty much the same.

“So we have three chasers two beaters one seeker and a keeper.” Sanchez said.

The team’s seeker Lauren Didio explains how it works.

“You get one of the balls and the object is to get it into these three rings set up on either side of the field.” Didio said.

While at Cerritos College Sanchez has found that Quidditch is more accepted than he had originally thought.

“At first I felt like everyone was going to be like eww quidditch team …nerdy …But at all the tryouts we were having people were stopping and yelling ‘oh yeah he scored.’” Sanchez said.

Although Quidditch is being accepted around Cerritos College, Sanchez feels like his team could use a few more players, mainly girls.

According to the International Quidditch Association there is a rule that each team needs at least two girls on the field during the games.

Although the rule states you need two girls, a seeker doesn’t count so the team needs more than Didio alone.

To move forward through the IQA, the Cerritos College team needs to get over another obstacle, of participation.

“The biggest obstacle we’re facing is having everyone here at every practice because we haven’t fully had a full seven on seven game because during try outs people would come and go.” Sanchez said.

One thing he said that has kept people from the practices is the rainy weather, but for the team’s first practice, Didio said she enjoyed the rain.

“I love it, I think it’s fun as you can see some of us were slipping and sliding, it’s definitely a challenge but I think it makes it more interesting.” Didio said.

She added that the rain could be an advantage in the future, the team wants to be prepared to play rain or shine

The team has yet to play against another team but Sanchez is hopeful that will change in the near future

2014 looks like it will be the year of Quidditch for Cerritos College.





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