Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Community College athletes being tested for PEDs

May 14, 2013

Performance enhancing drugs not only harm the user, but also taint the event or game which the athlete competes in, and athletes of different levels of competition should be tested to prevent the vast...

Earl Roy leads the Alpha Omega club in a Bible study in Falcon Square on Wednesday.

[Photo] Photo of the Day – April 3, 2013

April 6, 2013

Earl Roy leads the Alpha Omega club in a Bible study in Falcon Square on Wednesday.

Spring break adventure approved for the Wilderness Club

April 3, 2013

Wilderness Club President Enrique Siliezar and Vice President Miles Aiello received the approval they had been working for from the senate meeting on March 13, as the club had presented to the members...

Hitting key as baseball team awaits ECC-Compton Center

March 12, 2013

Freshman first baseman Zach Diaz repeated one word when discussing what aspects of the game the Cerritos College Baseball squad needs to improve on. "Hitting," Diaz stated. "We really need to focus and...

There are alternatives to banishing fire pits

March 12, 2013

Lawmakers in Orange County are once again wasting their time with the fire pits located on the beach front, attempting to remove them, thus removing a fun activity for many local beach-goers. The fire...

Coordinator of Student Activities Amna Jara speaks with Senator Bea Caballero and Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Ace Caguioa before the Falcon Games orientation Monday, March 4.

[Photo] Amna Jara, to the rescue

March 5, 2013

Coordinator of Student Activities Amna Jara speaks with Senator Bea Caballero and Commissioner of Inter-Club Council Ace Caguioa before the Falcon Games orientation Monday, March 4.

The government should monitor obesity

March 4, 2013

The United States' government needs to step in and take control over the amount of unhealthy food its citizens are digesting daily, as these unhealthy lifestyles are cancerous to future generations. The...

BSU: A fun club with purpose

February 27, 2013

Raneisha DuBose, the secretary of the Black Student Union, continuously works to create and maintain a club for students at Cerritos College that are looking for "A place to fit in and have fun." The...

Baseball improving as season progresses

February 27, 2013

Freshman outfielder Myles Mendez expressed the importance of chemistry after the Cerritos College baseball team scraped together a victory over Ventura College Thursday. “We’ve built on chemistry...

Staying focused is vital down the stretch for Cerritos women’s team

February 12, 2013

Sophomore forward Angela Peña and the rest of the Cerritos College women's basketball team are bracing themselves for an uphill battle in the final games of the season. This after a sluggish run has forced...

Construction Affects Students

February 11, 2013

Cerritos College wouldn't allow construction to take place inside of a busy classroom, so the fact that constant hammering and loud bulldozers are at full force during busy hours within feet of the learning...

Women’s basketball ready for Mt. SAC

January 29, 2013

"We've done well [so far this season], especially with our lack of sophomores... and I'm just impressed with the hard work from our freshmen," sophomore guard Marissa Rendon stated about her fellow teammates...

Campus police increase security measures

January 25, 2013

Following a plethora of break-ins and vandalism in the fall semester, Cerritos College has instituted multiple changes to make the campus a safer environment both during and after school hours. On Sept....

Sex Education Courses Should Be Required At the College Level

November 10, 2012

Sexual education courses should be mandatory for all students in college, as the minor amount of information given in earlier courses at grade school levels does not provide enough intelligence to the...

New must-have electronics for college students this Christmas

November 10, 2012

As the largest shopping season of the year quickly approaches, some Cerritos College students have already made up their minds on which electronics are must-haves for the holidays. From cell phones...

The Way Young Adult Females Dress On Halloween Has Gotten Out Of Control

October 18, 2012

What are women really saying about themselves when they show up in a public place as a short skirted school girl because it's Halloween? The way a large majority of college age females choose to dress...

Romney and Obama go head to head for the most votes in the upcoming presidential election. The election will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 6

Students pick a president

October 18, 2012

Students of Cerritos College who are registered and eager to vote in the 2012 presidential election have a lot of options to look over before they are finally handed a ballot. President Barack Obama has...

Starting At A Community College Is the Better Option Over Four Year Universities

October 17, 2012

Transferring to a four-year university from a community college will not only save money, but it can provide a better chance of completing all the general courses for a degree before entering the even...

Mitt Romney Will Cause More Problems For Undocumented Students

October 17, 2012

Just as the predominantly Republican Senate has filibustered such legislation as the Dream Act while President Obama has been in office, Governor Mitt Romney has made it clear that he will do the same...

Falcons tackled in Pasadena

October 15, 2012

With two consecutive wins under their belt, the Cerritos College men's soccer team traveled to Pasadena City College looking to continue with its constant improvements to establish itself at the top of...

Designated smoking areas would make for a safer and healthier campus

October 10, 2012

The sight and smell of cigarette smoke automatically causes both displeasure and discomfort on any occasion, and the establishment of designated smoking areas for nonsmoking students to avoid this issue...

Cerritos College mens soccer team’s early offense unmatched by Long Beach City College Vikings

October 10, 2012

Freshman goalkeeper Benito Gonzalez had nothing to worry about during his surprising start against the Long Beach City College Vikings on Tuesday afternoon, as solid defense from the Cerritos College Falcons...

Second half heroics push men’s soccer ahead of L.A. Harbor

September 26, 2012

Sophomore defender Gabriel Rivera helped the Cerritos College men's soccer team complete their second half heroics with a header with 12 minutes remaining to boost the Falcons to a 3-2 victory over conference...

Should big sodas be banned in California?

September 25, 2012

As citizens of the United States continue to live with dangerously unhealthy eating habits, California should take the initiative and become the first state to ban large sugar filled drinks from being...

Tough match lies ahead against Long Beach City College

September 19, 2012

Starting off its regular season with a massive 18-1 victory over Los Angeles Trade Tech College, the Cerritos College women's water polo team hopes to continue its dominance with a visit to Long Beach...

Women’s Water Polo impresses at Chaffey Tournament

September 18, 2012

Katherine Gabayeron's scoring abilities were a spectacle to be sought at the Chaffey Tournament in Rancho Cucamonga over the weekend, as she helped the Cerritos College women's water polo team improve...

Men’s water polo splits two games at Golden West Tournament

September 7, 2012

After winning an impressive six of eight games at the Navy Labor Day Open in Annapolis, Maryland, the Cerritos College men's water polo team had a pair of tough match-ups ahead of them at the Golden West...

Lots of hope on the horizon for Cerritos Volleyball

August 24, 2012

After two consecutive seasons finishing just short of a playoff berth, the Cerritos College volleyball team is ready to ignite within the South Coast Conference as game one is set for September 9 against...

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