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Trinity Bustria
This is currently my second semester with Talon Marks, Cerritos College's premier student media brand, as its copy editor. Even though my job is one that is practically impossible to do since it is human to err (Ecclesiastes 7:20; Romans 3:23), by God and repetitious reading, I will catch all errors (spelling, grammatical, punctuational, mechanical, stylistic, and factual) or die trying.

I am greatly interested in the political nature of news reporting and how current events are politicized to fit any given ideological narrative. As a paleolibertarian (think of Ron Paul)--that leans neoconservative on national security issues, Revisionist Zionist (think very pro-Israel), and Bible-believing Christian, I belong to a politically and theologically infinitesimal segment of the American public. Therefore, I have a particular worldview that is almost fitting for publications like: FrontPage Magazine, The Weekly Standard, The American Conservative, National Review, Human Events, The American Spectator, Commentary, The Jerusalem Post, The Jewish Press, Israel Today, The Washington Times, The Washington Free Beacon, and Townhall and aspire to write for publications like them as a political journalist or opinion writer.

In my spare time, I enjoy practicing martial arts and researching trends in open source intelligence and counter-terrorism--apart from studying current events, theology and politics.

Trinity Bustria, Copy Editor

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