Talon Marks

Re-defining Masculinity with EmpowerMENt, hip-hop and critical thinking

Jasmine Martinez, News Editor

August 21, 2018

EmpowerMENt, a joint effort between English professor Damon Cagnolatti and Title IX coordinator Valyncia Raphael, will focus on leadership and consciousness for Cerritos students that identify as men. Some questions the program...

Ways to unwind from school with technology

Luis Guzman

August 29, 2014

College can take control of your life, but that shouldn't be the case. College students should keep their minds off the textbooks and assignments to find some comfort with their entertainment devices. It isn't a shock that...

Podcast: Stress and college life

Luis Guzman, Managing Multimedia Editor

August 28, 2014

The Talon Marks staff talk about the stresses that go with being a college student. We talk about what kind of things that stress us out as students and how we cope with it. Participants: Abraham Venegas Richard Recinos Samantha Vasquez Luis Guzman ...

ASCC aims to unify students by ‘Making Waves’

Luis Guzman, Associate News Editor

February 11, 2014

ASCC is looking to choose a theme that would unite Cerritos College, as a whole. The "Making Waves" presentation was an event that occurred Thursday, Feb. 6 that would help Cerritos College go down that road. Greg Hinkley,...

FSZ: How do you deal with stress?

Carlos Holguin

February 4, 2014

With students starting to deal with some of the first tests and essays of the semester, the stress levels can start to build up. To give students ideas of ways to calm down and make it through the month, we asked a few students...

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