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Falcons fly by Compton College and into No. 1 conference slot

Michael Reza

February 7, 2019

The Cerritos College men’s basketball team capped off its third win in a row after facing off against Compton College Jan 30.This win puts them at 3-0 in the conference and back in the driver’s seat in first place. This was another large margin victory for the Falcons beating Comp...

Falcons’ water polo plays around El Camino

Falcons’ water polo plays around El Camino

Christopher Martinez, Staff Writer

September 17, 2018

Cerritos College women's water polo team faced off against El Camino on Sept. 12 in what turned out to be a lopsided game with a final score 16-6 Falcons on top. Falcons had a dominant start coming into the game and scoring 8-1 in the first quarter. Falcons take away El Camino offense holding them...

Falcon Sports| Cerritos College Women’s Basketball Preview

Falcon Sports| Cerritos College Women’s Basketball Preview

Alex Naveja, Denny Cristales, and Kris Carrasco

February 12, 2015

Join Sports Editor Alex Naveja as he interviews two of the Cerritos College women's basketball team members and how they prepare for the upcoming conference game. Remember to like, comment and subscribe for more videos. Be sure to keep up with Falcon Sports for all your Cerritos College athletic exclusives.

Ariel Melendez | Falcon Sports

Alexander Naveja and Daniel Linares

November 16, 2014

This week in Falcon Sports, Alex Naveja brings in a guest from the women's cross country tea, Ariel Melendez. They discuss about the California Community College Athletics Association Meet and about Melendez's life.

Falcon Sports ALWC

Alexander Naveja and Carlos Holguin

October 31, 2014

Carlos Holguin and Alex Naveja gives you a recap of A's game vs the Royals. If you like the video and want more, tune in for our predictions!

Sitdown With Robert Chism | Falcon Sports

Alexander Naveja and Kristopher Carrasco

October 26, 2014

Robert Chism guest stars on Alex Naveja's Falcon Sports as he talks about what it's like to be a dual athlete. Watch the ending to get a recap on Chism and the wrestling team's revenge on Mt. SAC.

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