Talon Marks

Longer Cabinet meetings discussed, Master Plan update given

Jennifer Medina

December 9, 2014

While there was only two items in the last agenda of the semester for student Cabinet members, the Dec. 8 lasted a little over the hour that it usually takes, with a small goodbye from student body President Miles Aiello. During...

Longer Senate sessions, budget discussed during Senate meeting

Julien Galvan

December 3, 2014

The ASCC Senate has gathered together once more in BK 111 to discuss various topics regarding the future of Cerritos College on Wed., Dec. 3. Some things were discussed, such as the designation of a new "Commissioner of Nighttime...

Cabinet discusses possible mascot ideas, Phi Theta Kappa project

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

December 1, 2014

ASCC President Miles Aiello spoke about Cerritos College core values in regards to sustainability during the Dec. 1 Cabinet meeting. “To aptly develop in students the knowledge, skills and values that prepare them to be productive...

Business professor voices concern over recent faculty evaluation

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

November 26, 2014

After receiving a 22 page ‘Probationary Faculty Evaluation’ that remarked a ‘Unsatisfactory Review’ for Fall of 2014, which puts Ramos’ teaching career in danger at Cerritos College, he attended the student Senate meeting...

Possible central bike station, security alerts for students discussed in Senate

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

November 26, 2014

Joe Nino spoke about a anti bike theft initiative during the Wed., Nov. 26, Senate meeting. “Basically one of our ideas is to have a central bike station, where all the bikes will be, it doesn't have to be an elaborate storage...

Cabinet mulls Game Room replacement, budgets analyzed

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

November 24, 2014

A significant amount of ideas have been put out there by several ASCC students and the general public about what the game room should transform into since it is going through renovations, and Monday, Nov. 24, was not the exception...

Go Green goals discussed, game room decision postponed

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

November 19, 2014

“In comparison to other community colleges, Cerritos College is dramatically behind the term of being ‘sustainable’ especially in comparison to community colleges up north, specifically in transportation, energy efficiency...

Game room changes discussed during Cabinet meeting

Jennifer Medina, Associate News Editor

November 10, 2014

Members of the ASCC Cabinet congratulated each other for such an outstanding job and effort that each member put into the Veterans Day event on Monday, Nov. 10, in BK-111 for the cabinet meeting. Cabinet discussed what the...

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