inside the minds of football captains

Derrick Coleman

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Cerritos College has kicked off their 2019-2020 season with two new team captains, as well as one returning captain. Each captain carries a different mindset and philosophy , however they all share a common passion for the game .

C.J. parks, a wide receiver for the team and returning captain states that “”I think as a team captain, you got to be able to vocalize some of the things that the coach can’t , but that’s just the nature of coaching and I and it is .”

Parks went on to say , ” It is what it is but as a leader or a team captain you have to be able to relay that same message to your players just in a different way like and just be able to lead by example .”

Tre’Vion Ballard, cornerback and new captain for the team shares a similar opinion, stating , ” “I know everybody is looking up to me and I have to set the example.”

Ballard also attributes the team’s passion to the coaches , stating that “they expect more out of us for sure, they push you to your limits so you get stronger, and I think they see a lot of potential in everyone .”

The team has cultivated this potential, as Etieni Valele, captain, middle linebacker and fullback for the team states, ” If we mess up, the coaches make sure that the next day we come back stronger.”

Parks also spoke on the head coach, saying, “I think this season coach gross is has got the bull by the horns this year. He’s just he’s always been a great coach. Always since I’ve known him but last year was his first first year being a head coach so I’m sure there’s a lot of stress on him. But now I think he has I think he has the bull by the horns and he’s gonna he’s gonna be ready to kill it this year, and we’ll help him get there”

The captains are all eager for this upcoming season , and state they are working their hardest to make this season an undefeated one.

The Falcons will play their first home game on Sept. 14 against MoorPark College.

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