Utah State commit Davon Booth talks football and future


Roman Acosta

Davon Booth, No. 6 (Soph) running back for the Falcons, runs through an open lane during the Oct. 15 against Chaffey.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

Samuel Chacko: Devon Booth committed to Utah State on Oct. 10 and said that the amazing view, the family-oriented town and the atmosphere all drew him into Utah State.

“The atmosphere was crazy. The fans were yelling. The student center was by far the best I’ve ever seen,” Booth said.

Booth also said that he would see himself living there because of how safe of a town it is.

“Von” as people call him was drawn into football at 8 years old and practiced with his cousins, Elijhaa and Rashaad Penny, both of whom are NFL players.

The Aggie commit talked about how he has a son and how his family brings him such joy.

Head coach of Cerritos football, Dean Grosfeld, said that Booth is an exceptional talent, great work ethic and is fun to be around.

“I am very proud of Davon and his accomplishments so far,” Grosfeld said, “He has a very bright future and his best is definitely ahead of him.”

Quarterback for the Falcons Jordan Simpson said, “Von is one of the most explosive players I’ve ever played with. He makes my job as a QB, 10 times easier.”

“Outside of football, he is funny, responsible and realistic and you need real people in your life more than anything,” Simpson said.

Simpson also talks about how good of a leader Booth is and how he’s a leader on and off the field.

Booth said his goal is to be the best man possible and envisions himself hopefully in the NFL, getting his master’s and being a good father and husband.

This is Samuel Chacko, from Talon Marks.