Math anxiety is real


Sophia Castillo, Staff Writer

Sophia Castillo: Math anxiety is a real chronic disorder where people feel long-lasting anxiety and worry about math situations like tests, math homework or general situations where you will need to use math.

Math anxiety develops when there is a negative experience from learning math in school or at home.

It usually starts early and it only gets worse as the person grows older, it can also cause other mental health problems like social anxiety and depression.

A lot of times math class is the only thing stopping college students from graduating or transferring to a new school and they end up dropping out because they can’t pass.

Schools should speak more about math anxiety and give students more resources so they feel comfortable when trying to learn math.

Ways to reduce math anxiety is by asking questions, Focusing on positive outcomes, learning the basics and practicing.

Meditation is another great way to calm your nerves when it comes to math.

Students should relax, clear their minds or even listen to soft music before starting on math work.