Falcons Basketball wins 81-71 versus Santa Monica


Derrick Coleman

Justin Stephens, who’s a Sophomore Forward for the Falcons, drove in the paint and scored a two-pointer during the 81-71 victory against Santa Monica.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

Samuel Chacko: The Falcons basketball team played their first game on Nov. 1 against Santa Monica with a final score of 81-71.

Sophomore No. 20 Jonathan Salazar, who’s a Foward, was a huge part of the Falcon’s victory as he scored a double-double (23 points and 14 rebounds) and was a spark plug throughout the game.

Salazar said that the team feeds off his energy and he feeds off their energy and said the team will “only be getting better” after getting the first game nerves out of the way.

The Falcons basketball team plays their next game against Ventura at Irvine Valley on Nov. 10 at 5 p.m.

This is Samuel Chacko from Talon Marks.