NepCali band transcript


Samuel Chacko

Scott Collins, who’s the drummer for NepCali, was completely focused while playing the drums on Nov. 29.

Samuel Chacko, Editor-in-Chief

Samuel Chacko: The Long Beach Band NepCali consisting of Vocalist (Arpan Karki aka AP), Guitarist (Sunny Shrestha), Drummer (Scott Collins) and Bassist (Josh Buckley).They talked about a funny prank that they pulled on their fans when they posted on social media that they were arrested.

After being pulled over for their broken taillights in Kansas, luckily for them the officer didn’t spot the weed, Arpan decided to pull a prank on their fans since the officer wanted to take a photo with them.

“Everybody’s leaning towards the wall like we’re getting arrested,” Karki said, “And we posted that thing on Tik Tok and the next day, everyone’s phones were blowing off from their parents.”

The band said they’re chemistry is built on doing multiple shows together and quickly grew, even with the changes in band members.

The recent band members, Buckley and Collins, joined when the band’s first album, titled “NepCali,” was halfway created .

“This is something I’m going to do forever,” Buckley said, “I don’t know how it’s going to play out but NepCali is fucking awesome.”

The band would like to reach a wider audience, start playing in different countries around the world and continue to make great music.

This is Samuel Chacko from Talon Marks.