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Ballot #3 President Stephanie Jo Marquez and Vice President Leslie Gonzalez

April 7, 2020

Elections on Canvas will stand for April 8, 2020, at midnight to April 9, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.

Ballot #3 President Stephanie Jo Marquez

Q: What measures will you take to learn about student concerns at large and how will you address those concerns?

A: “I will talk to students who are not involved in clubs or on campus and ask them how we can better the student experience here at Cerritos. I will do everything I can to help better the campus so that all students at Cerritos will enjoy the campus, and evolve with us.”

Q: What do you think you can realistically accomplish in your term?

A: “I believe I can give students the resources they need to succeed by showing students what Cerritos College has to offer. We have several student services that students are not aware of and are not utilizing. I plan to take these already available resources and make them more widely known and available for all students. I will definitely advocate for my fellow students.”


Q: In regard to COVID-19, if elected how do you plan on going about this position’s duties and continuing to work with all groups on campus despite social distancing measures?

A: “I will do everything I can to talk and continue to communicate to groups, students, and clubs through online meetings such as Zoom, but also utilizing social media to keep the students updated and aware of what is going on, what measure we as a campus are taking, and any support and helpful information that students may need in this crises such as mental, economical, and academic needs.”

Closing Statement: 

“I want to better the student experience here at Cerritos College. I want the campus to evolve with the students because we can not have Cerritos College without the students. If I am elected, I plan to change the perspective of Cerritos College, we are more than just students, we are individuals, and we must help each other in order to help the campus grow.  Cerritos already has student services that people are not being utilized but worse not even aware of, I plan to make these services more known so that all students can utilize the resources we provide for them.”










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Ballot #3 Vice President Leslie Gonzalez

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