Non AI art vs AI art

Comic of AI art vs NON AI art
Comic of ‘AI art vs NON AI art’
Moises Lopez

Comic book/multimedia artist Mickey Chinchilla and ai artist Hadrian Von Bonnington aka @ BotWurm are fictional characters based on real life comic book archetypes and are rival art competitors in the cut throat comic book variant cover industry.

Botwurm opens his Twyne app to a comment by Mickey Chinchilla on his most recent post of his upcoming Big2 Comics variant issue for “Priscilla Halo” a super evolved and super powered guinea pig heroine comic book. In the comments of BotWurm’s post he reads from @ ChinChilleeArtz:


“hey its not fair that you’ve been taking opportunities from real artists for such a long time, I think it’s time you gave someone else a chance.”


BotWurm replies: “While I understand you may have a personal issue with me or what I do but I’ve never actually met you, and I’m sorry for your lack of opportunities in this field, however your point is a moot one. It’s completely devoid of understanding on how the industry works. We as artísts can’t please everyone, my sincere apologies. good day sir.”


ChinChilleeArtz: “Wow dude, that was such a contrived

answer, it’s like your pr people wrote that for you…


ChinChilleeArtz then proceeds to go on about ai art automation, the negative aspects of ai in general. ChinchilleeArtz proceeds to gaslight Botwurm into a retort and they get into a more extensive argument about the pros and cons of ai art.


ChinChilleeArtz: “Did you know that automation in this country is rampant? You can’t walk into a place/bar/restaurant/business/doctor’s office without putting your information into some kiosk, and now we have this to compete with. You’ve been doing variant covers for some time now, and now you have a team of artists under your own brand, and pseudonym BotWurm Team. Also why is there like 35 Variants of the same comic anyway? It’s just a money grab.


BotWurm: Look man, stop t(whining), It’s not like i’m specifically profiting off my AI stuff anyway, I’m only profiting off my digital paint stuff which I happen to freehand. My Team only signs under my brand name because it gives them opportunities as well. My Ai stuff is at best nice to look at but it’s not exactly my best work either. It starting to seem like sour grapes on your behalf.


ChinChilleeArtz: Yes, but you are generating tons of followers from the ai programs you are utilizing, tons of followers that may or may not be on board with AI driven artwork. It’s borderline manipulation to have people believe some of your covers are all done by you or your team when it’s mostly a program. Even the Digital paints programs you claim to use pretty much do the work for you as well. How do you explain yourself?


BotWurm: Listen, AI isn’t what you think it is, it’s so much more than just a Program. If you’re arguing with me about taking a side against or for it then you have a moot point. AI has allowed our team to make our work better. You might look at our work and think that it’s Artificially generated, but what it does for us is act like a tool for what we want to put out.


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Moises Lopez, Editorial Cartoonist
Moises Lopez is the staff Editorial Cartoonist and has enjoyed winning a JACC award for Talon Marks in a previous semester. He also plans on transferring with a Major in Political Science and Minor in Journalism.
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