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Students bring high energy to Health and Wellness grand opening

April 10, 2019

Drummers, culinary arts students and dancers participated in the grand opening ceremony of Cerritos College’s new Health and Wellness complex...

Getting ‘Wacky’ with guest readers

Getting ‘Wacky’ with guest readers

March 16, 2019

Guest readers, including faculty members, read children in the Child Development Center books by Dr. Seuss on March 4 and 5.Initially finding...

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A Star is Reborn! in Netflix’s Luis Miguel-The Series

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Netflix’s The Perfect Date demonstrates the importance of being yourself

April 15, 2019

Netflix premiered "The Perfect Date" on April 12, overall it was decent and despite of having a predictable storyline, it highlighted an important...

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  • April 19, 2019 – Children's Voices Exhibit
    9:00 am, Campus Wide
    Student Center
  • April 24, 2019Festival of Asian Cultures
    11:00 am, Campus Wide
    Falcon Square
  • April 24, 2019 – LA Regional Food Bank
    1:00 pm, Campus Wide
    Falcon Square
  • April 25, 2019 – Inter-Club Council Meeting
    11:00 am, ASCC Activity
    BK 111/112

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The problem with doctor’s notes

April 9, 2019

If people can see that others are fighting for universal healthcare, they need to realize there is a reason behind this desire: not everyone...

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Video: Cerritos College swim tri-meet vs Chaffey and East Los Angeles
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