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In this video, Talon Marks' multimedia editor, Rebecca Aguila, is bringing sweetness to the table with her quick snippet on making Arroz con Leche.
Julio Rayo downtown Los Angeles outside of the Federal building on March 17, 2021.  Julio took the oath to become a US Citizen.
Dreamer Julio Rayo achieves citizenship in post Trump world
Jacqueline Cochran, News Editor • April 20, 2021
Despite the previous administration placing roadblocks and delays due to the pandemic, Julio Rayo completed the process and accomplished his goal of becoming a citizen of the United States.
Plaza Santa Cecilia is a bustling shopping center where tourists and locals alike can find great food and unique souvenirs and other merchandise. Since COVID-19, social distancing, temperature checks and mask requirements have been put in place at most establishments. April 10, 2021 Photo credit: Emily Melgar
As travel reopens, Tijuana offers a genuine taste of Mexico
Emily Melgar April 19, 2021
As the world begins to open up, many are eager to start traveling again and those who live in Southern California should consider Tijuana as their first post-pandemic trip.
With Mario 3D Allstars being discontinued many people are worried that digital media will become the new norm making physical media obsolete. Photo credit: Oscar Torres
Falcon Entertainment S2E4: The future of digital and the preservation of physical media
Oscar Torres, Arts & Entertainment Editor • April 7, 2021
Falcon Entertainment is back, this time talking about the all-digital media of movies and games. Oscar Torres talks with special guest, Matthew Helm, about physical media and sharing their opinions on digital.
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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.
Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.