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WHM - Essay Contest and Multimedia Magazine Submissions

March 2, 2023 March 3, 2023

Essay Contest and Multimedia Magazine Submissions
Event #1 Annual Student Essay Contest 
The annual student essay contest with cash prizes will be facilitated by Sarra Ben Ghorbal (WGS) [email protected] Essays are due Friday, March 3.  This contest is stackable with the multimedia literary magazine contest. This means students can submit the same essay for both the essay contest and the multimedia literary magazine contest for a chance to win twice.

Event #2 The Multimedia Literary Magazine
The annual multimedia literary magazine will be facilitated by Amanda Reyes (English) [email protected] and Sara Cristin (English) [email protected] and it is designed so that students/faculty/staff may address this year’s theme in creative ways including the submission of essays, original art work, photos, music/songs, poetry, original videos.  This also “stacks” because students may submit an essay but also use their essay as inspiration for an original poem, art work, and/or video. The magazine will be published both in print and digitally and students/faculty/staff will have an opportunity to read, discuss, showcase their submissions at the reception March 24. Submissions for the magazine will be accepted until Friday, March 3.
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