Talon Marks

Rose Buds: Such a thing as ‘too much’

May 17, 2020

Although it is not possible to overdose on cannabis, it is important to know it's possible to reach one's own limit.

Off The Field: What teams have made through playoffs

May 17, 2020

In this week's podcast, we are discussing the NBA playoffs and the teams' effort to getting there.

Off The Field Podcast: Jordan Love

May 10, 2020

A guest speaker will be speaking with Rob, Derrick and Luis.

Rose Buds Radio: Universal benefits, with new guest speaker

May 3, 2020

In this episode of Rose Buds Radio, we discuss the universal benefits of cannabis and share personal experiences.

Off The Field Podcast: The NFL Draft

May 2, 2020

 Thoughts on the NFL Draft going over The Last Dance documentary series and saying our Mt. Rushmore of NBA players. DERRICK: So Good morning, and welco...

Off The Field Podcast: NFL draft and baseball update

April 26, 2020

derrick coleman: Hello, and welcome back to off the field. I'm Derrick. Luis: I'm Luis. derrick Coleman: So Luis, do ...

Rose Buds Radio: 420 appreciation

April 26, 2020

In this episode of Rose Buds Radio, Kianna and Rebecca discuss local brands, the cancellation of festivals such as Kushstock, and 420 appreciation.

Off The Field podcast: Quarantine

April 18, 2020

Derrick Hello, and welcome to off the field. I'm Derrick. Luis I'm Luis Rob Rob Scott. Derrick Go ahead Rob do You...

Rose Buds Radio: The many ways to enjoy cannabis

April 18, 2020

In this week's podcast, Rose Buds will explain the pros and cons of all the different ways to (legally and responsibly) enjoy marijuana.

Talon Marks TV Episode 3

March 11, 2020

TalonMarks TV is a webcast news roundup for the Cerritos College student-run newspaper.

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