Casting for Star Wars requires the wisdom of a Jedi

December 14, 2015

We’ve had the trilogy, prequels, sequels and now they want spin-offs.

With the upcoming sequels to the original Star Wars trilogy that were released almost 38 years ago, many critics have had their doubts after the pre-quels were met with mixed reviews.

Aside from the fact that a movie must have an epic storyline, it must also be equipped with grade-A actors to go along with it.

Because lets face it, in the movie industry the acting can either make or break a film.

In the mid-90s when the hunt began to find the right actor to step up to the plate to fill in for the role as the young Obi-Wan Kenobi it was crucial that it found someone who could convey who the wise old Jedi would become due to the struggles he faced in trying to save Anakin from turning to the Dark Side.

The director found this in Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, who physically seemed to look the most similar to actor Alec Guinness who played an older Obi-Wan in the film franchise.

Now let’s fast forward to 2015, where Disney is planning a spin-off to focus primarily on Han Solo and how he came to be a smuggler, befriended a Wookie, met Luke and Leia and ultimately joins the rebels to defeat the emperor of the Galactic Republic.

Out of all the actors to choose from who could possibly take on the role to not only physically resemble a younger version of Harrison Ford the original Han Solo, but also portray what Solo would have been like before the trilogy came to be.

Once again, the key element to any spin-off is having talented actors to bring the story to life as well as having a story line that makes sense and is able to weave in nicely into the rest of the story line.

If not then that can eventually effect the quality of a film especially a franchise as big as Star Wars who has an ever growing fan base that seems to draw in people from all age ranges.

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