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Inconsistent ruling on and off the court

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Photo graphic of Jontay Porter. Photo credit: Jonathan Diaz

On April 17, the NBA announced that Toronto Raptors center Jontay Porter has been banned for life from the NBA for violating gambling rules.

According To a league investigation it was found that the Raptor center disclosed private information to known sports better’s about his own health status.

Which resulted one sport better to place a $80,000 player prop parley on Jontay Porter unders which would have paid out 1.1 million dollars but the parley was frozen due to it being unusual betting activity.

It was also found that Jontay Porter placed 13 bets on NBA games with an associate’s online account betting being ranged from as small as $15 to as big as $22,000 per bet.

This came out as a total of over $54,000 wagered and had a pay out of over $76,000 making his net winning about $22,000.

The NBA also uncovered that he didn’t actually bet on games he played in but did place three parlay which one included having this current team the Toronto Raptor losing.

Now the NBA did make the right decision of banning Jontay Porter from the NBA although it could be argued that it’s a little extensive.

However, why does the NBA finally take action on a player who didn’t do much compared to other players?

Take Charlotte Hornets forward Miles bridges for example. On June 29, 2022 Miles Bridges was arrested following an alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend and mother of his two children.

Bridges later that year in November pleaded to one felony count of injuring a child’s parent and agreed to do so in exchange for three years of probation and no jail time.

With all this going on outside the court how does the NBA punish such a horrible crime from one of their players?

The NBA only gave Bridges a 30 game suspension for domestic violence as punishment.

To make this even worse Bridges only served 10 out of the 30 games he was supposed to serve.

Why is it that the NBA seems very laid back on a player who pleaded to one count felony of domestic violence but the player who betted on NBA games and only made $22,000 in net winning is banned for life?

Sadly this inconsistent punishing is common in many sports and leagues around the world.

The NBA and many other sports leagues need more push backs from the fans letting the league know about his inconsistent punishment.

The fans should let the league’s inconsistent and borderline unfair ruling of punishments get out of hand.

Why should a player who done way less wrong is getting a longer and much harsher punishment?


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Jonathan Diaz
Jonathan Diaz, Staff Writer
Jonathan Diaz is a staff writer for Talon Marks mainly covering sports. Outside of news reporting he enjoys watching movies. He plans to transfer to either Cal State Fullerton or Long Beach.
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