Talon Marks

Bianca Bitches: Dear incels, pay for your porn like the rest us

Photo credit: Carlos Ruiz & Carlos Martinez

Bianca Martinez, Editor-in-chief

November 28, 2018

Well, yet again, with the recent #thotaudit, incels are crying into their Hentai/waifu body pillows about how sex workers are...

Re-defining Masculinity with EmpowerMENt, hip-hop and critical thinking

Jasmine Martinez, News Editor

August 21, 2018

EmpowerMENt, a joint effort between English professor Damon Cagnolatti and Title IX coordinator Valyncia Raphael, will focus on leadership and consciousness for Cerritos students that identify as men. Some questions the program hopes to answer is what masculinity means to the academic journeys of students who are men and what masculinity looks like...

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.