Talon Marks

New bus fares don’t fare well for students

Gustavo Lopez

September 23, 2014

Many students were surprised to learn that the transfer cost of riding the Metro bus, and, then, a Long Beach Transit or Norwalk bus was now $2.25 as opposed to the previous $1.85. “I don’t think the transfers are fair; they’re $2.25. [It’s] more money out of (students’) pockets. It’s...

Bus travel expenses are becoming an issue

Daniel Green, Managing Editor

September 17, 2014

The bus fares that took effect last Monday hurt students who rely on public transportation to get back and forth to school. Earlier this year, an increase in bus fares were approved, raising the price of a ride from $1.50 to $1.75, and a day-pass from $5 to $7. Cerritos College is known as a...

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