Theater sets cast for ‘The Rivals’

Rick Gomez

To begin the new 2008 fall semester at Cerritos College, the theater department held auditions for its upcoming play in October.

The cast includes:

  • Jason Falske as Sir Anthony Absolute,
  • Maria Lopez and Barbara Lopez as Mrs. Malaprop,
  • Mary Ann Boice as Lydia Languish,
  • Richard Martinez as Captain Jack Absolute,
  • Matthew Merys as Faulkland,
  • Renee Duron and Ashley McDonald as Julia,
  • Liza Manchenkov as Lucy,
  • David Wrathall and Tony Bartolone as Bob Acres,
  • Dirk Komrij as Sir Lucius O’Trigger,
  • Emmanuel Plascencia as Fag,
  • Jaszmon Green as Thomas and
  • Paul Tully as David

Matthew Marys, a student in Cerritos College, has been an actor for six years, two of which have been for our very own theater program. Marys says he is very excited about the play and is looking forward to working with the good cast.

Minutes before the auditions began, students paced anxiously back and forth outside the audition room going over the script.

Others sat confidently discussing the different roles in the play.

Faculty, students, and board members were all welcomed to audition for this theatrical comedy.

The play, named “The Rivals”, features a number of roles which required certain ages for the particular parts.

The ages for the roles vary from college age all the way up to 70 years old.

“The Rivals” is a comedy that centers around three unique but eligible bachelors and a clueless society girl looking for the “real” romance she reads about in novels.

Along with the competition for the beautiful heiress, this comedy is most known for a character known as Mrs. Malaprop who is most known for her innapropriate use of words in a comical manner.

“The Rivals” will be coming to The Burnight Studio Theatre in early October.