Zayn and Zhavia Ward takes us to ‘A Whole New World’

Eunice Barron

The duo has surprised fans with a new version of the classic and the performance was amazing.

This collaboration brought a modern perspective for the listener to experience.

Malik and Ward’s vocal pipes gave a new sensation of emotions into the song which will make anyone embrace this new version.

This unexpected collaboration surprisingly worked by not only bring a new sort of nostalgia into it but delivered a new meaning to the song.

The combination of Malik and Ward’s voices demonstrated that there is “A Whole New World” that the listener must look forward into the future and look not look back.

Any listener could internally feel some sort of euphoria of traveling to another place and feel like they are riding on a magic carpet throughout the whole song.

Although lyrically, the song describes Aladdin showing Princess Jasmine a life of freedom and love for her, but Malik and Ward’s interception can leave a new broad perspective on a new meaning of it.

This new version brought a new unique twist into the song that many may fall in love all over again.

The song was originally recorded by singers Brad Kane and Lea Solanga back in 1992 as their former singing voices of the main characters.

The ballad served as the film’s main theme song and was the song that stood out the most.

“A Whole New World” has won many awards such as the Oscar for Best Original Song at the 65th Academy Awards and Song of the Year at the 36th Annual Grammy Awards.

It was composed by Alan Menken with lyrics by Tim Rice.

Actors Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott will respectively play as Aladdin and Jasmine in Disney’s 2019 remake of the classic animated film, where they will perform the song.

While there are many cover versions of the song and with the release of the upcoming film, it is exciting to hear how Massoud and Scott will interpret the ballet as their characters.

This new cover version will defiantly attract a new generation of fans for just in time for the premiere of “Aladdin” and possibly gain a new perspective of it.