Classics games return for the glory


This is the main stage for three of the biggest games for the end of they last day tournaments. The competitors are playing Street Fighter 5. This picture was taken in EVO 2017. Photo credit: Oscar Torres

Oscar Torres, Staff writer

It was announced on Feb. 4 that EVO 2020 will be on July 31 through Aug. 2 with the location of the event being held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

The founders of the event also announced the nine games that would be in the main show.

It is nice to see this event show up every year, as with each year more and more people get into the thrill of participating in a tournament aiming to be the best in the world in a specific fighting game.

Each year, the founders decide nine fighting games to include in sub and main stages but this year they have some surprises no one saw coming.

EVO, or Evolution Championship Series, is an annual E-sports tournament event where thousands of attendees come to either participate or watch the tournament.

The competition was founded in 1996 in Sunnyvile, California by Tom Cannon, Tony Cannon, Joey Cuellar and Seth Killian. Originally it was called Battle by the Bay before changing it to EVO in 2002, and in 2005 they moved the location of the tournament to Las Vegas.

The first game they announced was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This game came out in 2018 and was at the main stage tournament last year.

In EVO 2019 the number of entrees for the games tournament was 3,492 which was one of the most sign-up tournaments in that year. With the game including four new fighters since EVO 2019, it is bound to create a lot of exciting matches .

The second fighting game is Tekken 7. It is no surprise that Tekken 7 returns to EVO as it has been a main staple since 2015 and now with over five years of being in the event, Tekken 7 is making to be a jam pack competition with its insane combo strings and unique and memorable characters and competitors.

The third game was Street Fighter V: Championship Edition, an updated version of the same game. This fighting game has been in EVO since 2016 and will be there for the fifth time. It was released with a lot of problems but up until now Capcom has managed to fix some of them with the game play’s better than it did previously.

Dragonball Fighter Z is the fourth game announced for the event. It was released in 2018, making its EVO debut the same year, the game was the most-viewed game in the tournament.

With its breathtaking visuals and love for the Dragonball franchise, it is no surprise that they brought Dragonball Fighter Z back for its third year.

Samurai Showdown is the fifth game in the lineup and it is good that they decided to bring it back this year.

Many people from the previous EVO loved watching the tournament so it is making its second debut in 2020.

Released in 2019, Samurai Showdown is a remake of the original 1993 game, developed by SNK the masters in creating Fighting Games.

The sixth game is GranBlue Fantasy Versus, a brand new fighting game based on the Granblue Franchise. This will be its first year in EVO, and the developers and founders of EVO put it on the lineup hoping to interest people into getting into the game.

The seventh game is Soul Caliber 6, released in 2018. With new characters as of now, it seems to be like the action and stiff competition for this game is bigger an ever.

This new title in the Soul Caliber series will be making a return to EVO since many people liked it, as the viewership of this game was extremely well.

Inbirth Exe: Late [cl-r] is the eighth title in the lineup. Making its debut in EVO last year, it sparked the community and many others to get into this game and with the success of its viewership, it is making a return to the tournament for its second year.

The last game in the lineup was completely unexpected: Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be making its return to EVO after 10 years.

The 20 year old game will be returning with a special tournament, with four champions from the previous years returning to participate, while the other four will be chosen randomly within the MvC2 community.

These are the nine main games that will be officially shown on the main stage in the three days and, with it being a few months away, many competitors are preparing and training to become number one in the games that they are good at.

Evolution 2020 is about to be one amazing year for fighting game fans/players