An ambiguous expression known as art

Abraham Dayfallah

Reynoso, Philosophy Major “An artist to me is someone who through a vacuum of influences
uses said influences to create someone know whether it be art music or

Rodriguez, Political Science Major“An artist is someone who creates just anything like a video
game a televisionv show, pictures anything that people take enjoyment
from and is what defines an artist.’

Walker, Physical Therapist Major“An artist is someone who expresses themselves freely without
limitations restrictions or extreme outside influences hindering their
thought process.

Alex Vasquez, Literature Major “I think an artist is someone who has no limitations that
study art and let it inform them, but don’t necessarily copy and their
there own person. I also think their open to new ideas.

Beltran, French Major “I think anyone can be an artist, anybody who can express
themselves through different means via painting writing music, whether
or not your getting paid for it doesn’t matter.”

Jefferson, Theatrics Major “An artist is someone who is original who comes up with
their own lyrics not biting someone else and doesn’t bite someone else
in the past and that is a true artist. I remember Prince saying, ‘what’s
wrong with today what’s wrong with the artist is that they don’t come
up with nothing new.’

Alvarez, Biology Major “Personally ,I think that an artist is a person who
consciously decides to take a medium and use it to express their views
with it. It can be anything from film, to using a paint, and writing on a
sidewalk as long as they have something to be conveyed, I think they
able to be called an artist.

Cindy Marizanares, Liberal Arts Major“ I think that an artist is a talented person who is very colorful.

Ruth Jaime, Liberal Arts Major“ A person with a huge imagination who on spot can think of certain things that can tell a story.”

Gonzalez, Art Major “An artist is someone who has a specific point of view and
transcends new ideas into society that make you think differently than
you normally would.”

Hoyt, Business Major“I would say someone who can express their opinions and translate
it into a physical form and get their own perspective of it.

Neuble, Nursing Major “An artist is someone who likes to expresses and you know,
expresses their feeling and be free spirited and does what they love to