New director set to make his debut with ‘All in the Timing’

Luis Guzman, Managing Multimedia Editor

Many acting hopefuls were lined up outside of the Burnight Center with the hopes to catch a spot in the “All in the Timing” play on Monday, Oct. 13.

22 roles are up for grabs for students who want to take part in “All in the Timing.”

The play is six one-act comedies that was created by David Ives, a Chicago-born playwright.

Most of the acts can be classified as comedic and dramatic plays that deal with romantic relationships and literature.

Reed Brown, director of the production, is looking for actors that are funny and who are able to perform monologues.

Brown is new to Cerritos College and is the head of the acting program at the Theatre Department.

He said that this will be the first time that he will be directing “All in the Timing.”

Gabrielle Gutierrez, a musical theater major, is excited about Brown taking the directing helm for the play.

She has gotten to know Brown as teacher but is interested to work with him as an actor under his direction.

Gutierrez has experience with taking dramatic roles but is looking to get more into comedies.

She isn’t looking to get into anything specific, but she is doing it mainly for the experience.

Nathan Sayoc, a psychology major, is looking to be cast as a con artist who tries to trick a woman into learning a fake language, but who eventually falls in love with her.

“It just seems like a fun role; you’re saying this entire made-up language, and once you read it enough, you actually sort of get it and you can read the lines on what looks likes nonsense to somebody,” he said.

Sayoc, who was has done comedic roles in the past, is wishing to be cast as one of the bigger comedic acting roles.

Students who auditioned for a spot in the play will have to wait until Tuesday, Oct. 14, to see if they made the cut.

For people who are excited to watch the play, performances are set to begin on Dec. 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 and 14.