Artists express their inner freak

Ariel Jimenez, Staff Writer

Was it just another Freddie Mercury day dream? No, it was the Freak show!

Terra Nova hosted an art show with the theme of freak on Sunday, Feb. 8.

It brought together many artist to express their inner freak within the community and show their art in an obscure nature.

From painters to tattoo artists, from spoken word to exotic dancers, the show had something for everyone.

This was a masterpiece formed in dark light by the ringleader Lisset Verdin, a Cerritos College student that spends her free time following her passion of photography.

With all this passion in her heart, she decided to put together a safe place for people to show their work and connect with other artists.

“I did this so that everybody can see that there’s a lot of people who have the same goals, the same interests, the same passions,” Verdin said.

It was no ordinary art show; once you were in the doors, you were also part of the exhibit interacting with many performers who stayed in character and artists who explained their ideas of the word “freak”.

“I call this a live performance piece where I am the main subject,” Charles Park said, a Cerritos College student who came to see what all the buzz was about.

The guest speaker of the night was Sergio Teran, who also presented his take on a freak show. Choosing a route to show his inner freak and what it is in the modern day.

“Most of my work is dealing with identity of the wrestling mask and the way I’ve dealt with the wrestling mask,” Teran expressed about his painting.

“This struggle with identity was a reoccurring theme with the word ‘freak’ and the work it produces. The mask was an issue of understanding myself represented as an identity in Mexico, in America and how my audience viewed that. It was a sort of lack of identity,” he concluded, explaining his work.

Verdin hopes to keep expanding her “circus” to as many students as she can put her spell on.

“My vision of this is to keep on growing and take it to different venues, so that student artists can have a place to show their work or mix it up with accomplished artists”.

She does so by putting artist calls out all over the school and on the shows.

The Instagram account is @unity_through_art.