Dropping the Bomb

Ariel Jimenez

Tyler, The Creator is back once again with dark cynical poetry for his lunatic listeners in his new album “Cherry Bomb.”

The lyrical genius dropped his surprise forth album on Sunday, April 12 leaving his fans in awe.

“I don’t like to follow the rules and that’s just who I am, I hope you understand,” states self-made artist in his opening song “Deathcamp.”

With this being said he delivers another album without following any rules or existing blueprints, going against censorship and even the walls he built for himself.

Experimenting with jazz and collaborating with artist such as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams (two of his favorite artist), yet still keeping his original sound everybody knows intertwined.

On a recent Billboard interview he explained why this album is so different from the last three (Wolf, Bastard and Goblin) and why he was so excited to release it.

“It’s the music I’ve always wanted to make. Joy Division, Ronnie McNeir, N.E.R.D.– that’s the shit that really got me,” Tyler shared with John Kennedy from billboard.

With these very unique inspirations Tyler gives birth to a new way of rap, mixing many sounds to create a listener’s dream. Keeping you on your feet by creating a musical roller coaster with both hype and melodic tranquil sounds, never boring the listener.

He also reminds us of the more simple times using the nostalgic vocals of Boyz II Men in the track “Blow my Load.”

“The sky’s your home, there’s no limit, you know you gotta find your wings (fly),” sings Tyler in the track “Find your Wings.”

This underlines the whole album as Tyler, The Creator finally finds his wings and takes control of his music in a whole different way. Tyler takes the mic from all other rappers trying to take his crown with this album.

He sets the bar for others trying to follow in his footsteps being the sound of our rap generation. He does what many artists have attempted but failed from time to time. Taking experimental to a whole new level. This may be a transitional album for him, but who knows with Tyler, The Creator of wonder.