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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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Emotions run deep at poetry night

First place Winner, Michael Pfirrmann shared his original poem, Mulatto, at the library club’s 10th semiannual poetry night. Pfirrmann’s poem was inspired by his personal events on being biracial. Photo credit: Yasmin Cortez

Paper, pens, guitars and a panel of judges. The Teleconference Center was filled with students to participate in the Library Club’s tenth semi-annual poetry night on Thursday, April 30.

Paula Pereira, librarian and advisor of the Poetry Club said, “This is poetry night, this is supposed to be a fun night and I know students are very stressed out, it’s getting closer to the end of the semester so I [created] a venue where [students can] feel very at ease and relaxed.”

One didn’t necessarily have to be an English major or in the club to participate in the contest or the open mic portion.

Some entered for extra credit for their English class while others were handed flyers in the student center by library club members.

27 students entered their own original poems in the competition. There were lyricists, musicians, poets, screenwriters and creative writers.

Poem themes ranged from loneliness, social views, racism and feminism.

First place winner, Michael Pfirrmann, entered his poem entitled “Mulatto,” which was about his experience of being biracial and feeling like he never belonged.

Pfirrmann participated for extra credit in his creative writing class and did not expect to win. “I liked hearing different creative minds sharing their stories it was very, very, emotional. I heard a lot of pain, heartache, some anger but a lot of pain and heartache from a lot of people who just wanted to express themselves and be heard.”

Third place winner, Naomi Galloway was a last minute entry and did not know this was a competition.

According to Galloway her poem, untitled, was a reflection of what an actual therapy session would seem like and described the overwhelming feeling of being alone.

“It actually felt really good to share because I know I have a voice, I know it’s not always heard and I know there’s others like me who want to share their voice, so I figure if I share mine, maybe I’ll inspire someone else to share theirs,” said Galloway.

The panel of judges included professors Froylan Cabuto, Niki Lovejoy, Frank Gaik and Linda Palumbo.

The judging panel is on a volunteer basis and some original judges have been on the panel since the poetry night started back in 2010.

According to Pereira, “I think [the poem] is based on enthusiasm, not only enthusiasm but the quality of what they wrote. It’s not so much of the rhyme but how deep they go.”


· First Place $50
Michael Pfirrmann- Mulatto

· Second place $35
Cynthia Newcastle- Thoughts on Nothingness

· Third place $25
Naomi Galloway- Unitled

· Honorable Mentions $15 gift card

Shanice Todd- The World Today is Not a Beautiful Place

Karla Enriquez- Hoto’s Armor

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Yasmin Cortez, Staff Writer
Spring 2015 Yasmin Cortez- My Major is English with emphasis in Film/Media, I plan to transfer to UCLA next semester, this is my first semester in TalonMarks! I’m iFalcon Club’s Public Relations Officer, Secretary for Social Photography Club, and I was on the Cross Country team. Fun facts: I plan to get my sky diving license, American Psycho is my favorite movie, I was a foley artist for a Feature Film and received IMDb credits, I have a tarantula named Harry, I'm a dancer for the Pacifico Dance Company, and last semester I was hit by the Frantone's van while skateboarding at school (I was skating because earlier that week my bike was stolen from campus)
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Emotions run deep at poetry night