Banda el Recodo and Mariachi Vargas

Extravagant show In Los Angeles

Luis Lemus, Staff Writer

Banda El Recodo and Mariachi Vargas were an unexpectedly great pairing to celebrate the independence festivities

The concert performance on Sept. 28 showed off some of Mexico’s heavy hitters as they both took the stage and put on a fantastic concert.

Collectively, both groups have been existing for 200 years with Mariachi Vargas since 1897 and Banda el Recodo since 1938, hence the name of the tour being “The 200 Years Tour.”

The two paid homage to artists who have passed on with classics such as “Amor Eterno,” who was originally sung by the late and great Juan Gabriel, classic songs by Pedro Infante and by the man who passed away the day of the concert, Jose Jose.

They both had the crowd moving and singing along with the classics covering the timeless hits like “Por Tu Maldito Amor,” “Volver Volver” and others from Vicente Fernandez.

There wasn’t any expectation with Mariachi Vargas because it’s one of those types of music that you hear one song and the next sounds like the first, but hearing it in person is something special.

Banda El Recodo was like putting the headphones on and getting lost in the memories, this one reminding you of that time, that song reminding you of this event for whatever reason.

They started with “Acábame De Matar,” which struck like an unexpected gut punch that hit you hard but you wanted more. It was great and people got ready for their set.

The ballads, the songs and their performance definitely got the audience moving and dancing and it’s certainly a great time to be able to witness firsthand.

Singing along with the group and crowd and applauding after every song certainly made the audience feel like the strong performance by the two a great experience they were able to experience.

The last song of the evening was the one that reeled it in for me, “Te Presumo.”

They turned the lights off and wished the audience a good night and to get home safely and shut off the lights.

The crowd was very appreciative and chanting for the encore, “Otra otra!”

The end was great as the two bands were on stage playing together for a few more songs before the event was really over.

It’s another event for the books and it’s not going to be forgotten.

Gracias por la nueva memoria.

Thank you for the new memory.