Cerritos College provides events for students to take breaks from the books


Two spiderman from different universe encounter themself at the Zombie fest at Cerritos College on Oct. 31 Photo credit: Abel Montoya

Luis Lemus

Cerritos College’s Zombie Fest was held on Halloween, which allowed staff and students to let off the pressures of exams and have some fun while bringing non-perishable food to the school’s pantry for the students who experience food insecurity.

Students who chose to dress up for the college’s zombie festival, which was held in Falcon Square, did so with store-bought costumes, while others got creative and spent time hand-making their costume to their specific tastes.

The Cosmetology Department was on-site to provide face painting for those who might not have planned to be out there, but didn’t want to miss out on partaking in the fun.

Franco the Falcon even got in on the festive mood, squaring off with several students in breakdancing battles.

Fortune tellers were present for the curious individuals who might want to know about what lies ahead in their path.

The maze was a hit with the campus crowd who dared to step in and make it out safely and were rewarded with a T-shirt upon overcoming the maze successfully.

Zombieland is here
A group of student that dress up as zombies to scare the students at the maze of horror. This was on Oct. 31 Photo credit: Abel Montoya

Marina Weist from the Cosmetology program was dressed in Chucky gear with the matching hair and overalls to complete the look.

In hopes that onlooking students will participate in the maze, Weist said, “I just hope that students will come out and go through the maze instead of just looking at it and wondering what is going on.”

Weist was accompanied by her cosmetology classmates and said, “All of my classmates are here, I’m out here with my whole program my whole department is out here.”

The range in ages at the Zombie Fest varied both young and older folks.

Marina said, “I believe that any age should dress up for the day and it can be a baby or it can be a senior citizen who dresses up.”

Amma Jara, student activities coordinator, was also in attendance and said, “We’re putting on a fun event for students to enjoy in between classes and just take a break and enjoy the holiday.”

You are Me?
Two Cerritos College students at the Zombie Fest at the Falcon cort. The event was on Oct. 31. Photo credit: Abel Montoya

Jara continues, “The basic premise for the event is to bring non-perishable food to the school’s pantry for the students who can’t eat every day.”

The end goal for Zombie Fest is to receive as many food donations as possible to help students on campus who experience food insecurity.