The Game Awards; who deserved to win

Oscar Torres

The Game Awards came out and with it announced the winners of all the categories while also announcing new announcements on current games and future projects.

Firstly the awards show was somewhat disappointing. The pacing of the show didn’t quite fit well. The show was mostly commercials and it was the same ones that played multiple times.

However it did have some nice announcements on upcoming projects and new information on released games. Starting off Microsoft unveiled their brand new console the Xbox Series X its their fourth console and by far the most powerful one. The console would be releasing in holiday 2020.

they also revealed a sequel to “Hell blade” that uses the power and graphics of the Series X.

“Godfall” was announced as a title for the upcoming Playstation 5 with no release date announced only the name and the platform it’ll be on.

Square Enix unveiled the sequel to Bravely Default which the first one was released in 2012 on the 3DS. This sequel will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Riot games announced new upcoming projects on their league of legends franchise with one being a turn based RPG.

A new “Fast and Furious” games was announced in the awards show making that the last announcement of the show.

there was also trailers of already announced games before the awards with them being the “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”, “Ori: Will of the Wisps” and “Ghost of Tsushima”.

Some good announcements but they weren’t that mind blowing as last years awards show since many people were expecting a lot of news regarding “Super Smash Bros. Ultimates” new dlc character and new information regarding the sequel to “Breath of The Wild” and/or something “Metroid” related.

for the winners of the selected categories:

“Smash Ultimate” won best fighting game of the year. “Fire Emblem: Three Houses” won best strategy game and “luigi’s Mansion” won best family of the game of the year.

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For best sports/racing game Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled”, for best action game “Devil May Cry 5” won that category. For best art direction “Control” won that award.

For best Indie game “Disco Elysium” won that category, “Death Stranding” won best game direction and best music.

For Game of the year “Sekiro: Shadows die twice” Won that awards while also taking best action/adventure game.

The games that were awarded deserves it since many did a fantastic job on some categories that they were nominated.

Overall the show was disappointing but it did have a few diamond in the ruffs.