The force is strong in ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ beta

October 15, 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront’s open beta went live over the weekend and ended on Tuesday, allowing eager gamers and Star Wars fans alike to finally take to the skies over Hoth and chase down Tie Fighters in their X-Wings and much more.

The beta offered an authentic experience that as of the end of the beta’s game-time, will surely have fans in love with the franchise.

There were a total of three game modes available in the beta: Drop Zone, Walker Assault and Missions.

Drop Zone is Battlefront’s galactic twist on a popular first-person shooter game mode called King of the Hill. Players are split into two teams, the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

The objective of Drop Zone is to fight and take control over pods that randomly crash-land on the map, the team who captures the most pods at the end wins the match.

Walker Assault continues to be the main selling point for Electronic Arts and Dice, for good reason, this game mode puts players right in the heat of one of Star War’s most memorable battles, the Battle of Hoth.

Dice is particularly experienced in large-scale vehicle battles, as seen in Battlefield, and Dice sprinkles some of its magic in this game mode as players can take control of A-Wings and Tie Interceptor fighters, AT-ST Walkers and the mighty AT-AT Walker.

Oh, the AT-ATs are massive. These mechanized war hounds tower over the battlefield and deliver heavy fire power.

Walker Assault puts players in two teams, attackers and defenders.

The attackers, Stormtroopers, have to protect the walkers from the Rebels as they slowly make their way toward the enemy base.

Rebels are the defenders. They have to fend off AT-ATs from wiping them out.

Of course, this is a beta so there are some flaws. The biggest flaw though is the fact that in the game mode Walker Assault, the Empire is overpowered, meaning it is always guaranteed win if you are playing as the Empire.

Hopefully, the game developers help fix this issue by making the game more balanced.

Mission is Dice’s excuse for a campaign mode in the game.

Only a small survival-based mission is available in the beta, which places players, both co-op or single player, as two Rebel soldiers marooned on Tatooine.

This game mode is highly recommended as players can get used to the control scheme against AI-controlled enemies.

This beta gave players a small taste on what’s to come in the actual game, which is scheduled to release on November 17.

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