Talon Marks

ASU and FSU face off in the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl Tuesday, Dec. 31, at the Sun Bowl in El Paso.

Off The Field: Power 5 conferences are reunited with PAC 12, BIG 10 return

October 2, 2020

Despite saying months ago they would not consider having a season, conference officials went through withdrawals to finally changing their minds on having one.

Small crowds of people enjoy the festivities while remaining coronavirus conscious.  They wore masks in the area's where masks were required. September 26, 2020.

Get the taste of Fall and fall into Fall-O-Ween at Knott’s

October 2, 2020

Try tasty fall treats and enjoy family fun at Knott's Berry Farm.

Women coughing into her hand while a blanket is wrapped around. COVID has claimed over 200,00 thousand lives.

LAUSD debuts nation’s first COVID-19 testing and contact-tracing program

September 25, 2020

Parents face concerns as LAUSD launches new COVID-19 testing and contact tracing program for all students and staff.

FoodHelp Board and staff don hardhats on the grounds where the new facility is going to be constructed. Excitement filled the air as they imagined the new facility.

FoodHelp breaks ground on new Downey facility funded by community donors

September 25, 2020

Construction on a new FoodHelp foodbank storage facility is slated to begin after receiving funding from community donors.

The time of year where people go out scare and trick or treat may not happen. As officials warn residence to stay at home at all times during the holiday.

Canceling Halloween is scary, but catching COVID-19 is scarier

September 11, 2020

With Halloween almost here, many are concerned if it's a good idea to take part in it. With many Halloween attractions being closed and officials advising against the holiday, the future is uncertain.

Airmen with the 186th Air Refueling Wing administer COVID-19 tests at the Bonita Lakes mobile COVID-19 testing facility on April 1, 2020.

COVID-19 update: 245,000 cases in LA County

September 4, 2020

LA County reaches 245,000 COVID-19 cases as the pandemic continues to impact communities, businesses and schooling.

Sales employee at popular cannabis retailer assisting a customer. All employees are required to wear a face mask and gloves during their shift. Photo credit: Mirella Vargas

Cannabis retailers report record sales during pandemic

September 3, 2020

The cannabis industry shows no signs of slowing down amid the pandemic.

Dining guest fills out mandatory customer log with their contact information before entering a local restaurant. Restaurants and bars are required to keep a log of all their visitors for contact tracing purposes. Photo credit: Mirella Vargas

Seoul Connection: COVID-19 cases on the rise in South Korea

August 28, 2020

COVID-19 cases sharply increased days after thousands of cult-like church members and anti-government protesters gather in the nation's capital.

Second-year nursing students Julia Castaneda (left) Alexander Kim and Ester Perez take temperatures of students before they enter the study hall. Photo credit: Vincent Medina

Campus opens socially distanced study hall at the request of students

August 21, 2020

Cerritos College converts the gym into a study hall to maintain safety guidelines.

No.1 leadoff hitter Buck Anderson amongst others are now left to figure out other ways to workout and stay in shape due to COVID-19. Photo credit: nick martinez

Coaches and trainers prepare for athletes return to campus

August 21, 2020

Guidelines are still being looked over by L.A. county to pass off to Cerritos admin for approval

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.