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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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The laid off daredevil

Ashton standing in front of Niagara Falls. Photo credit: Courtesy of Ashton Peavy

Pandemic this pandemic that, all these new rules pertaining to Covid had Ashton going crazy with boredom.

After being laid off from his job Ashton wanted to live it up despite the restrictions of the world.

During a time where everyone was scared, stressed, and inside Ashton was outside, on flights, and living life to the fullest, well not at first.

He was fed up with letting things stop him from living his best life and was not going to let any rules/regulations take the fun out of his life anymore, even if it was a pandemic.

Ashton took a chance on fun and left his life of being prisoner (due to covid) behind him.

New adventures were on the horizon for peavy and he could not have been more ready.

After being asked this very question how did you live your life to fullest, Peavy reminisced about his adventurous time.

The way I lived my life to the fullest during the COVID-19 pandemic, was by living without any boundaries.

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, I was restricted to only activities inside my home and with close friends.

After long, boring weeks of this harsh treatment, I decided to begin traveling and living life the way I knew I should.

I came up with a roadmap of where I wanted to go.

I decided I’ll hit as many major cities as I can.

Beginning with Houston, Texas. I took the long day drive, from California down to Houston, Texas.

Upon arrival it was a major shocker, to see such a large city, living as if there wasn’t a pandemic going on. Just what I was looking for.

I began to venture around the city, staying at one of the best hotels in the downtown area of Houston.

The Marquis Marriot, equipped with a lazy river, pool and 2 day-time bars.

I spent most of my days, down in the lazy river, drinking on mixed drinks and enjoying the view of the downtown skyline.

If I wasn’t hanging out by the pool and bar, I was trying many different eateries. One being the turkey leg hut, one of the best food places in Houston.

Very tasteful and appetizing. Serving crawfish, crab boil, lobster, hush puppies, steaks and much more.

After hours, I would enjoy the night life, heading out to local clubs, bars and lounges.

Eventually, feeling that I’ve enjoyed myself enough in Houston, Texas, I came up with my next major city I will travel to.

The next major city on my list was Orlando, Florida.

I packed up and drove another 14-16 hours into Orlando, Florida ending up on International Drive.

Checked into my hotel and stepped right out onto International Drive, noticing only a handful of tourists wearing masks.

Orlando had a lot to offer as for, various amusement parks, a strip of attractions, shops and more eateries. Reminding me of Hollywood Blvd.

This is where I went into my first ice bar, very interesting everything inside is made of ice, including the bar and drinking glasses.

The establishment rents out fur coats and gloves, to warm up customers.

After enjoying International Drive, I made a visit to Universal city walk and going inside the actual amusement park.

After a week or so in Orlando, Florida, I drove about 2 hours to Tampa, Florida.

Very different, Tampa didn’t have much to offer only a condensed area full of clubs, bars and the Hardrock Casino.

Tampa also has a beautiful beach named Clear Water Beach. This is where I went parasailing for the first time.

After hanging around for a few days, I continued down south to Miami, Florida.

When I arrived in Miami, Florida it had few restrictions due to the pandemic.

Everything was open as the rest of Florida, but Miami had a 9PM curfew.

I tried to continue living my life without any restrictions, but I slowly began to feel the restrictions captivating my life again.

Finally, staying in Miami for a week or so, I made the decision to pack up and drive back home to California.

Ashton did not waist anytime, despite restriction Peavy was set on living life everyday with fun, and without worry.

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