One cup at a time

Derrick Coleman

Coffee/art compassion is been defined as a feeling for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by desire to alleviate the suffering.

Jacob Baruch is the founder of Project Coffee Cup, a project after the idea that some as simple as a cup of coffee can be use to connect with homeless people.

The project focuses on providing need to the homeless.

I would just fill my backpack up; and take truckloads of items, like hygiene items. Everything from deodorants, toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottles, snacks, can foods, clothing. So donations are what really help us continue so that we could give more to reach more, Baruch said

Baruch said the two people who inspired him to start Project Coffee Cup were his grandmother and mother.

His grandmother when he was little, every time family would come from Mexico, or you’re traveling, she always would say, in Spanish, to make a cup of coffee, like start the coffee pot and, coffee was her way of welcoming the people, welcoming our family members.

And his mother, she is always been one to, give and then they’ll pay it forward and she’s kind of like instilled in us how to love without prejudice, without judging someone, she instilled that in as a very young, but growing up, not having much we learn to appreciate what we had.

Project Coffee cup has been recognized since 2010, in 2015 Baruch organized Project Coffee Cup and became a nonprofit.

Like middle school to high school kids learning about homelessness a note they may avoid that road to homelessness, because they’ll see not only what it is to be homeless, but that also motivate them to want to strive for more to take advantage of the resources that are available to listen to their parents and teachers.

Some of these kids are runaways. they just don’t know the reality are they may not recognize how good they have it at home.

Ultimately, my goal or my dream would be to open up a coffee shop, where proceeds will go back into the community but also will give you know, job opportunities for high school students to to come to serve to learn, and also on the weekends help us give back to the community and he think starting the awareness young.