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Estrogen Express: Valentines Day Movies

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Cindy 0:00
Hi, welcome back to estrogen Express. Today we’re gonna talk about Valentine’s movies. We’re gonna do some reviews ratings, how realistic they are, and like just give some opinions about them. I’m Cindy. I’m Marilyn, I’m Tiara and I’m Guada.

Tiara 0:18
Okay. So for starters, just keep in mind that you know when movies are not real life and they are fictional. I mean, some of them can be based on a true story. But just keep in mind that yeah, this is not real and you can’t base your relationships on movie expectations. So for starters, what is the most unrealistic maybe to y’all that a lot of people look to for guidance or

Cindy 0:43
The Valentine’s movie.

Yes, like the Valentine’s Day movie? Yeah, so that movie is like a movie with like a bunch of different celebrities. There’s a bunch of celebrities

Guadalupe Zaragoza 0:52
Like Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift

Cindy 0:54
they just have like a bunch of random people in it and they all like had some weird like way to meet up there was like, some kind.

Tiara 1:00
Like fate type thing it was really weird I don’t know

Cindy 1:02
there’s like a bunch of story plots and it kind of got confusing a bit because you’re like we are they like together, are they not going to be together

Tiara 1:10
it was just I don’t know I didn’t really like it it was weird

Cindy 1:12
really cheesy

Tiara 1:13
yes like I feel like they did not put like a lot of like thought into the movie because like that wouldn’t happen none of that would happen.

How about you guys Guada, Marilyn?

Guadalupe Zaragoza 1:25
The movie that comes to mind is Casa Blanca I think

Tiara 1:29
I’ve never seen it

Guadalupe Zaragoza 1:30
I think the ending I don’t know if everybody knows the famous scene where the girl she’s gonna leave and

Tiara 1:36
What is it about?

It’s a 1950s film.

Marilyn 1:43
Actually 1940. He reconnects with like an old lover. That’s one. Also. I think I like this movie. So don’t get me wrong when I say this but I think 500 Days of Summer.

Cindy 1:59
I like that one too.

Marilyn 2:00
it’s a good movie it’s a good movie but I don’t think it’s that realistic with “oh yeah like I’m interested in you then I’m not interested in you.” I think when you’re watching it nowadays in real life one person when someone cuts you off it’s like okay.

Tiara 2:18
But the one part that was realistic was that he ended up like not being with her right like yeah the ending yeah she ended up marrying someone else something that’s realistic like that could happen

Marilyn 2:26

Tiara 2:27
that happens a lot in relationships I fee like

Marilyn 2:29
it’s the whole working working together off and on secretive thing, I don’t think it’s realistic the way they portrayed it

Tiara 2:36
okay Have any of you guys seen the spectacular now with Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 2:41
It’s on Netflix.

Marilyn 2:42
I’ve been meaning to watch it

Guadalupe Zaragoza 2:45
Yeah I’ve seen that movie

Tiara 2:45
You have?

Guadalupe Zaragoza 2:46
yeah I think so.

Tiara 2:46
yeah, it’s actually a really cute movie I feel like it’s pretty like realistic. They’re about to leave for college and they’ve started dating in like their senior year or something. And I think in the movie they pretty much get overwhelmed with the relationship. Thinkgs just end up going haywire but in the end they both kind of know like the love that they have for each other. So I feel like if you want to watch that related back to your life I mean it’s a good way to look at the positive in any relationship that comes into your life.

Cindy 3:14
I’ve see like the promos and trailers for that movie but then I’ll just don’t watch it. it seems like very like lovey dovey romantic.

Tiara 3:22
it was but like it wasn’t like a bad like a bad interpretation of it I guess.

Marilyn 3:29
Also pretty woman with Julia Roberts.

Tiara 3:32
A classic.

Marilyn 3:32
Classic that but that’s also unrealistic with the whole prostitute

Tiara 3:36

Marilyn 3:38
meets a rich guy

Tiara 3:39
I think prostitutes don’t get treated with that much respect

Marilyn 3:42
meets a rich guy who’s just nice and he he takes her out he buys her all these expensive clothes and to be his fake girlfriend, right or fake? What does she help them with again? To be his pretty woman.

Tiara 4:01
I can’t remember to be honest but i think…

Marilyn 4:04
I think he picked her up and she was doing her job but he didn’t want any thing to do with that and they were just hanging out like he liked the company.

Tiara 4:12
Yeah I think that’s what it was I think he liked the company more than like

Marilyn 4:16
So scratch that what I said earlier he just like the company. But I think that’s unrealistic how they end up together.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 4:23
Same with-

Tiara 4:24

Guadalupe Zaragoza 4:25
Same with the film Can’t Buy Me Love that 1987

Marilyn 4:29
Oh, that’s a good film too.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 4:30
Yeah with Patrick Dempsey, all because she wanted to purchase all because she was trying to pay back $1,000 outfit that belong term mom and so she asked to borrow $1,000 from the guy and the guy decides oh let’s date for two weeks and I’ll give you the money. That’s something like that I don’t know and then at the end later on she starts falling in love with them while she’s dating a college guy. I don’t know.

Marilyn 4:56
It’s funny because when you watch those movies when you’re younger, you think that’s what high school is gonna be like-

Guadalupe Zaragoza 5:01
yeah but it’s not.

Marilyn 5:04
actually being in high school it’s it’s normal. Everyone has their cliques it’s nothing nothing like that yeah really they make it so extreme like-

Guadalupe Zaragoza 5:13
so dramatic

Tiara 5:15
Okay The Fault in Our Stars. What did you guys think of that? I feel like it was very boosted I don’t know I just-

Cindy 5:23
As like a teen you’re like ”oh my god let’s go watch it’!’ when it comes out and you’re like all excited yeah but then now seeing it backwards is like what what have I done.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 5:33
Maybe it’s like when they like sometimes based on the book, it’s just like the movie Paper Towns.

Tiara 5:40
It was horrible

Guadalupe Zaragoza 5:41
It was really bad

Tiara 5:42
It was such a bad, oh my gosh, but no the Fault In Our Stars I obviously I mean it can be realistic I guess this could happen like to cancer or terminally ill.

Cindy 5:55
I like how unique it was it was not like traditional.

Tiara 5:58
Yeah I think that’s why it caught alot of peoples’ eye, because it had a different kind of storyline.

Marilyn 6:05
Also, have you guys seen the Netflix original? To All the Boys I Love Before? I did not think that that is unrealistic.

Cindy 6:14
Everyone is saying how it’s iconic.

Marilyn 6:16
Yes. Everyone said it’s like it’s it’s such a cute movie it’s one of the best movies but if all my high school crushes red letters that I wrote to them, they would, they would not come to me confessing their love or like wanting to speak face to face they-

Tiara 6:34
They would post a screen shot of it on Twitter and be like, “Who is this girl? Tell her to leave me alone.” Iit’s not realistic guys.

Marilyn 6:43
And the high school jock would not come up to me wanting to pretend date me to make his current girlfriend. jealous.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 6:50

Tiara 6:50
Like what would think it’s the most random like plotline. Like it was definitely cute and stuff like that. It was a good movie. I personally liked it but no like that’s not going to happen.

Cindy 7:02
its kind of like those 90s movies and teen shows now but more modern and still cringey and like ugh.

Tiara 7:11
it was a cute movie just know that. So, the Twilight movies I love them.

Cindy 7:17
Are those Valentine’s movies?

Tiara 7:19
No I wouldn’t say I mean not all of these are Valentine’s movies.

Marilyn 7:22
That’s literally realistic, it’s because no one is vampire.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 7:26
You don’t know that you don’t even know that they’re a werewolf. You don’t know Marilyn.

Marilyn 7:29
oh my gosh you guys

Tiara 7:31
maybe I have fallen in love with the Vampire you just don’t it.

Cindy 7:36
I didn’t like half of the series of the saga.

Tiara 7:41
Like the first half or second half?

Cindy 7:42
Second half.

Tiara 7:44
I mean yeah I feel that. I don’t know when I watch, when I go back to and I watched Twilight I’m like this is like a horrible movie like I really hate it, but then like as thaeir acting gets better from like Kristen Stewart and stuff it’s just like man.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 7:56
Yeah like there’s a guy that’s when they come and save me from me getting hit with the car.

Cindy 8:00
“Then a werewolf is gonna fight for my love too.”

Unknown 8:02
“I’m gonna become a vampire.”

Tiara 8:05
In my opinion I feel like that’s a good Valentine’s Day movie to watch. Like if you just want to spend the whole Valentine’s Day just watching those movies I feel like you will be pleased because even though it’s not realistic it can like give you some type of like fantasy like well I don’t know you can have you just be like dive into it. But yeah, that’s definitely one of the movies that I will always think of.

Marilyn 8:31
Okay, I don’t know if this movie is considered. I was looking under the romance section and I don’t know if this movie is considered romantic but I’ve seen it before and I think it’s unrealistic “She’s out of my League.”

Tiara 8:44
I think it’s kind of romantic it’s like a love story.

Cindy 8:47
It’s more comedy though.

Tiara 8:49
it’s a rom com but like, I don’t think has-

Marilyn 8:51
that realistic with her job title being like, very like an upscale party planner. And then him being not really knowing what he wants to do with his life and barely making any money to support itself. Like I mean if you put it into reality I mean maybe there are some people like that that don’t mind that will support but I don’t.

Tiara 9:13
But you personally you couldn’t.

Marilyn 9:15

Tiara 9:15
Ah I feel you.

Marilyn 9:17
Personally I need someone on my level.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 9:20
Oh, another movie, “The Kissing booth.”

Marilyn 9:23
Oh my goodness.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 9:24
With Joey King an Netflix.

Not realistic at all.

Tiara 9:28
Yes it is.

Cindy 9:29
No it’s not.

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Tiara 9:31
Dating your brother’s bestfriend?

Marilyn 9:33
The storyline, kind of realistic but if you really look into it.

Tiara 9:37
But wait like what what part are we talking about then because like obviously like the kissing booth part. I mean, I guess but like dating your brother’s best friend, that’s possible. And like you could actually like I feel like that could be like actual situation that people have been because I know my sister she had a best friend always come over and she started dating my brother and like every time she came over, it would it would be like a constant like like weird thing like “Oh am I coming over to hang out with you Am I coming over to hang out with.” That’s like pretty much with the storyline was saying that’s what I feel like but in the end like my sister-

Marilyn 10:10
actually I take that back.

Tiara 10:14
exactly you see what I’m saying? My sister and her bestfriend are still friends to this day. she’s not with my brother anymore but there’s still like the relationship is even better. So I feel like that’s one of the more realistic movies would like you know more like teen like oh we have a kissing booth.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 10:25
Like with a little spin to it

Cindy 10:26
I feel like they exaggerated some parts

Tiara 10:28
yeah, of course.

Marilyn 10:29
Some of the actions were unrealistic but the idea of it-

Tiara 10:34
Yeah I feel like it’s definitely possible.

And if you are in a situation like that if there’s anybody that’s listening I still say follow your heart and if your best friend isn’t accepting of whoever you’re dating if it’s their sibling or not then maybe that’s a conversation you guys need to have you know.

Marilyn 10:52
Because a best friend well stand by you with anything they’ll give you advice and their opinion but they’ll let you make those mistakes and let you.

Tiara 10:59

Marilyn 11:00
Let you do what you like.

Tiara 11:01
It can be tough though but just you know work through it.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 11:04
What about the wedding planner is that possible with Jennifer Lopez where he, the groom falls in love and meet her beforehand and he’s going to get married.

Marilyn 11:14
I think that how it all happen, I think realistic. But speaking of the movie, unrealistic on how fast everything happened, and how she just left her boyfriend at the time, and then literally right after he called off the wedding, they-

Guadalupe Zaragoza 11:29
They all of a sudden meet.

Marilyn 11:31
They meet and they like just kiss each other and like confess their love. How it all happened so fast. But I think it’s possible that multiple men or women will, is taking that big step and we’ll see someone attractive and call it all off for them. But-

Tiara 11:48
High School Musical 3

Marilyn 11:50
We’re not talking about High School Musical.

Tiara 11:55
Okay. So one of my personal favorite movies of all time is Across The Universe and that is pretty much so it’s a musical, but also like a romantic kind of movie. And it’s all the Beatle songs kind of like reworked into, like, a more modern way, I guess. But it’s actually really good movie. And it’s about like, the Vietnam time and all that stuff. And people in the 70s experimenting with drugs and alcohol and love and just all this other stuff. So if you want to sit down and really watch a movie that that has a unique storyline, but it’s also like a romantic comedy or anything like that, then you can definitely, definitely watch that.

Cindy 12:34
So what about The Notebook.

Marilyn 12:38

Cindy 12:39

Tiara 12:40
Definitely overrated.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 12:41
Titanic, that’s my overall opinion. they’re both overrated

Tiara 12:45
Titanic is a classic though.

Marilyn 12:45
I love Titanic.

I think Titanic beats in my opinion notebook.

Tiara 12:53
But Titanic is obviously realistic, so. It;s very realistic, so we can’t be like “that’s not even like” But it didn’t happen. I’m sorry, Leonardo DiCaprio.

This is definitely like off the grid. But Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It’s definitely romantic. But it’s a romantic comedy emphasis on the comedy because-

Cindy 13:16
I thought it was more of an adventure comedy

Tiara 13:20
it is, but it’s also like the whole storyline is based off of this guy going after the a girl.

Cindy 13:25
But it’ Little bit of like, romance not that much.

Tiara 13:29
I don’t know. Like, the whole story is about relationships.

Cindy 13:31
I thought it was just fighting.

Tiara 13:33
Well, yeah, that too. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying is definitely like off the grid. Like it’s not your typical romantic comedy. But definitely, unrealistic. It’s pretty much about like a comic. I think it started off as a comic series. I’m not hundred percent sure. Do not shame me. But it’s like, definitely not real estate.

Cindy 13:49
Nice movie to watch.

Tiara 13:50
Yeah, very dramatic stuff like that.

Cindy 13:52
But it’s nothing like traditional. It’s like new-ish.

Tiara 13:59
Juno. Juno. Oh, my goodness. That’s very realistic. Very, very realistic. You know, there’s people that are pregnant and their teens very often

Marilyn 14:10
Don’t know what they want to do.

Tiara 14:11
Yeah, they don’t know what to do

Marilyn 14:13
with the child.

Tiara 14:14
Yeah. And with the baby daddy or whatever, because you might not have been with them. It could have just been like a one night stand

Cindy 14:19
Would you watch it during Valentine’s Day?

Tiara 14:21
Yeah, I would, yeah, actually, might do that honestly. Like I honestly would, it’s a romantic movie.

Cindy 14:26
Yeah, it’s a very romantic which he like stays with her, which is nice. You don’t see that often.

Marilyn 14:31
And also, I think that’s realistic too I don’t think it’s unrealistic because a lot of times you don’t know what you want, and it’s okay, to make that quick decision. Like, no, I don’t want to give up the baby.

Tiara 14:43
But it’s different when it comes to a life that’s being carried inside of you. So I don’t know. I feel like it’s a nice story about not just regular relationships.

Guadalupe Zaragoza 14:54
So overall, we discuss the films, romantic films and rated rated it based if it seemed real or not. You guys might have heard a few of them that we mentioned but, if you guys would like to check them out then leave a comment on our Talonmarks page so don’t forget to check out Coffee Break and Jenkins Unfiltered.

Tiara 15:19
Catch you next Wednesday. Bye.

Cindy 15:20

Marilyn 15:20

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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