K&D Sports: March Madness

Derrick Coleman and Keanu Ruffo

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Keanu  0:01

Hello Falcon fans and welcome to the K&D sports podcast. I’m your host Keanu


Derrick 0:06  

I’m Derek. Should we transition over to the Mock March Madness.


Keanu  0:13



Derrick 0:14  

What’s your powerhouse about?


Keanu  0:17

Honestly, my dark horse for this year I’ll say Nevada. I think I haven’t read up too much on the data but from what I seen last year, the Martin twins they they can bring the team together


Derrick 0:35



Keanu 0:36

and they can go far. They beat uhh I was watching the game last year when they beat Houston


Derrick 0:42

Okay yeah yeah yeah


Unknown Speaker  0:43

One of the Martin twins hit a buzzer beater to beat them.


Derrick 0:46

I remember that


Keanu 0:48

Yeah, I was like, and I think they’re only juniors. This year they’re seniors so I think definitely they can pull it off, hopefully go far.


Derrick 0:58



Keanu   0:57

who is yours?


Derrick  0:59

I’m sticking with Duke.

Keanu 1:01

Duke okay


Derrick  1:01

you know even though Zion is out


Keanu 1:04

Yeah I seen that. Did you see his shoe?


Derrick 1:07



Keanu 1:08

That was crazy


Derrick 1:08

Yeah and you know what’s the crazy thing about that? That next day and that shoe, Nike stock dropped.


Keanu 1:17



Derrick 1:17



Keanu  1:18

You kind of figured though, because the way that shoe just fell apart. Now that was pretty trippy


Derrick  1:27

But that’s not the first time it happened. It happened last year with LeBron James jersey.


Keanu  1:33

Oh, yeah. And happened with multiple basketball jerseys.


Derrick 1:36

I think that’s why


Keanu 1:37



Derrick  1:37

They pulled those from from this year.


Keanu 1:39

Yeah, definitely


Derrick  1:40

Yeah. Because I mean, you know, there’s there’s gonna be a sleeper because look at Gonzaga. You know?


Keanu   1:50

Yeah. And they always they always go to be the top four you know


Derrick 1:56

Yeah, Michigan number two?


Keanu  2:00

Yeah michigan is pretty good also,


Derrick  2:03

Villanova number seven.


Keanu 2:05

Yeah, Nova.


Keanu 2:06  

Look at some of our local schools UC Irvine might play Texas Tech. The Salt Lake City division,


Derrick 2:16



Keanu  2:16

oh they’re gonna be playing in Anaheim.


Derrick 2:17  

Oh yeah yeah yeah  


Keanu 2:20

that’s pretty cool.


Derrick 2:21

What I don’t see is Cal State Long Beach,  I guess they didn’t go that far this year.


Keanu 2:27

No. They’re always pretty good, huh?


Derrick 2:30



Keanu  2:31

I know Fullerton went last year, Cal State Fullerton. But they got


Derrick  2:35

actually Fullerton, Cal State Long Beach and UC Irvine went the last two years.


Keanu 2:43



Derrick 2:43



Keanu  2:45

Yeah I think Yeah.


Derrick  2:48

It’s gonna be a battle between temple and Clemson, you see that?


Keanu   2:52

Oh, yes, yes. So they’ll play the winner of that will play Nevada. Who do you think is going to win that game?


Derrick  3:04

Clemson, Clemson. clemson. They always push the ball.


Keanu 3:10

Yeah, definitely. Let’s talk about some of these new schools that might go. Sam Houston state, Hofstra wherever that is


Derrick 3:22

I don’t know


Keanu 3:22

I don’t know either


Derrick  3:24



Keanu  3:25

Yeah Radford. Definitely. Murray State. I heard of them. But you know.

Derrick 3:31



Keanu  3:32

I never see a lot of a lot of their sports in playoffs. Norfolk State, Ayana,


Derrick  3:43

Wright Wright state.


Keanu 3:47

Yeah. Oh look it, Utah State. It’s either Utah State or Seton Hall


Derrick  3:52

Oh yeah yeah.   


Keanu 3:53

Up in Hartford


Derrick 3:56

Oh, wow. Well, they’ve been pushing Utah State to get into the get into the


Keanu  4:00






Keanu 4:03

That’s cool. St. John’s,I think they’re from New York


Derrick 4:06  

I think so.


Keanu 4:07

Yeah. Lipscomb, I’ve heard of them. South Dakota State, finally we have the PAC 12 team,  Washington.


Derrick  4:19

Uh oh,


Keanu 4:20



Derrick 4:21

Got one


Keanu  4:21

I’ve been waiting for that.


Derrick 4:22



Keanu 4:23

See I was like I was looking down I was like, man, I do not see no Pac 12. team on here and like finally, Washington. oh look at Michigan State also’s in


Derrick  4:35

Oh, yeah.


Keanu  4:37

March Madness. Can you imagine a Michigan State, Michigan. Just look at the rivalry in football.


Derrick  4:48

It’s crazy.


Keanu 4:50

Yeah but yeah I think I’m, the teams we’ll be rooting for are Definitely UC Irvine.


Derrick 4:58

Oh, yeah


Keanu   4:59

Because it’s a local team.  Always gotta support the local teams and I like Nevada definitely  


Derrick  5:09

Let’s let’s transition over to baseball real quick. I don’t know if you saw the news last night. The angels are possibly talking to the city of Long Beach for them to have a stadium here.


Keanu  5:22



Derrick 5:23

Yeah, it’s a pretty good size 13 acres


Keanu 5:28

Oh yeah that’s not bad at all. That’s not bad. Why would they why would they want to switch over to Long Beach?


Derrick  5:37

I mean, bigger location.


Keanu 5:39

Okay, true.


Derrick  5:40

You know probably more money too


Keanu  5:42

Yeah. Long Beach Angels.


Derrick 5:47



Keanu 5:48

Another long beach team.


Derrick 5:49

Yeah. it’ll bring, it’ll Bring more money to the city


Keanu 5:53

Yeah, that is true.


Derrick 5:54



Keanu 5:55



Derrick  5:56

Should we talk about this football stuff.


Keanu 5:59

Yeah. What happen with Robert Kraft man?


Derrick  6:05

Man.. That’s just ridiculous.


Keanu 6:09

I found it surprising.


Derrick 6:09



Keanu   6:09

You know, I was blown away. I actually seen a photo or a post on Instagram. Reading the details

of his latest incident with the prostitute.


Derrick 6:32



Keanu 6:33

It was crazy. It was actually the day of the championship game


Derrick  6:35



Keanu 6:35

Yeah. It was it was pretty crazy. The Football league’s new statement on Kraft came three days after police in Florida said that the 77 year old billionaire will be charged in connection with a wide ranging prostitution probe their, holy crap.


Derrick 6:57  

I didn’t know he was that old


Unknown Speaker  6:59

Yeah honestly I thought he was older


Derrick 7:01

I know  


Keanu 7:02

honestly thought he was older. He looks older


Derrick 7:05



Keanu 7:06  

Not to be mean or anything but it looks like his days are numbered. *Derrick and Keanu laugh*


Keanu   7:13

Krafts lawyer has the night police claims that he visited a massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida and paid for sexual services there at least twice. Exactly what the video footage show too. It shows. Kraft walk into the massage and obviously you can’t there’s no audio but they he exchanged words with the hostess at the massage place,


Derrick 7:40



Keanu 7:41

She took him to the back. And that’s all you can see. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.


Derrick 7:49

Yeah, the NFL said our personal conduct policy applies equally to everyone in the NFL. We will handle this allegation in the same way we handle, We would handle any issue under the policy.


Keanu 8:06  

The NFL’s personal conduct policy requires owners players and other employees to refrain from conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public conference confidence excuse me in the NFL. The NFL in the past 20 years, has at least twice sanction team owners for personal conduct violations


Derrick 8:29

In 2014 the NFL suspended in Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay  


Keanu 8:36

oh I remember that yeah.  


Derrick 8:37

yeah for six games and also fined him you know that’s a hefty amount right here.


Keanu 8:44



Derrick 8:45

$500,000 after he pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while intoxicated.


Keanu 8:51

Hmm. Well yeah, I heard how much they’re going to charge Kraft or penalize him and


Derrick 9:00

it’s chump change


Keanu 9:01

Yeah. It’s chump change for him. It’s like is he gonna be put in jail, prison?


Unknown Speaker  9:10

That’s I don’t know


Derrick 9:13



Keanu  9:12

I find  that pretty crazy to me.


Derrick 9:16

We’re going to go deeply a little bit into what you know.


Keanu  9:22

What charges could mean for patriots owner Robert Kraft is that he he’s going to be facing misdemeanor solicitation solicitation of prostitution charges according to the south Florida police.


Derrick  9:39

What exactly are the charges? Kraft is among more than 200 people police say who engage in sex acts with employees of targeted massage parlors in South Florida according to police. Every person who who will be charged was caught on videotape. Police said Kraft made two trips to the Orchard of Asia massage parlor into Jupiter, Florida about one month ago and dive phases to counts of the charge. Police said details about the charges against Kraft will not be released until next week.


Keanu  10:24

And it looks like he hasn’t been arrested either.


Derrick  10:26



Keanu  10:28

His attorneys will be notified once a warrant will be issued. In a statement as spokesman for Kraft said he categorically denies any illegal activity. Hmm.


 Derrick 10:41  

Why was that massage parlor under surveillance? This case was part of a large crackdown in human trafficking ring in the South Florida region. Police said according to TCP palm.com official events obtained last week indicated that employees up at orchard of Asia we’re living at the parlor and were trip, trapped there as part of the trafficking ring. Many of them are from China according to the report. That’s crazy

Keanu 11:25

Mmm wow. That’s sad


Derrick 11:28



Keanu  11:30

That’s really sad.


Derrick 11:32



Keanu  11:33

According to resources, the charges punishable with up to 60 days in jail, six months of probation, and $500 in fines according to Florida law. That’s so little


Derrick 11:50



Keanu  11:49

like you.


Derrick  11:52

If it was somebody else, you know, you know


Keanu 11:54

Oh for sure, yeah, definitely be facing life in prison for sure. Everyone in the NFL, including owners are subject to lease personal conduct policy. The policy covers conduct by anyone in a league that is illegal, violent, dangerous or irresponsible, puts innocent victims at risk, damages the reputation of others and the game and undercuts public respect and support for the NFL per its text. Owners and club or league management are held to higher standards under the policy and our subjects more significant discipline when violations occur. And this statement was released last Friday.


Derrick 12:39



Keanu  12:43

So do you think he’s gonna, do you think he’s still going to be the Patriots owner after all this?


Derrick 12:51



Keanu 12:53

Yeah, I don’t think he should be either. His son will probably take charge


Derrick  12:59

if they really the set an example and really cracked down like they do the players


Keanu 13:04

Oh I know yeah.


Derrick  13:05

It should be the same.


Keanu 13:11

Exactly. Exactly.


Derrick 13:12



Keanu 13:13  

But like that patriots, the ownership and everything is all family ran.


Derrick  13:21



Keanu 13:22

Yeah. Like the next person up if Robert Kraft is released,His son will probably take this place. Hopefully his son is clean too.


Derrick 13:36

Yeah. Well, it also depends how old his son is.


Keanu  13:39

I think he’s old enough.


Derick 13:42

Oh okay


Keanu 13:43

He’s old enough. Goodell has punished Krafts patriots more severely than any other franchise during this during his tenure. He fined them $250,000


Derrick 13:58

You remember that?


Keanu 13:58

Yeah. And coach Bill Belichick $500,000 for spying on opponents defensive signals in 2007. And 2015, Goodell fined the Patriots $1 million, striped them of two draft choices and suspended quarterback Tom Brady as part of the deflategate investigation. Kraft took legal action against the league but eventually backed off.


Derrick   14:23

Wow. That’s crazy.


Keanu 14:27

Yeah. Yeah, it just says a Kraft son Jonathan, is the team president and presumed heir to the franchise. So yeah, if Kraft Robert Kraft was to be released, his son Jonathan will take his place. And probably just to keep it going. For sure.


Derrick  14:49

I think it’ll be a huge, a huge change.


Keanu 14:52

Yeah. Well, Falcons that’s it for today on K & D  sports podcast. I’m your host Keanu.


Derrick  14:59

I’m Derek.


Keanu & Derrick 15:01

And we’ll see y’all next week.

Transcribed by Keanu Ruffo