Viva La Resistencia

Rick Gomez

La Sociedad de Profesores Hispanos and the History Department presented an inside look at the revolutionary wars that occured in Latin America.

Students filled the lecture hall to listen to Walter Fernandez, history instructor, discuss many aspects of the revolts in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Central America.

“I do this because I want students to think about the different ideologies about the wars for independence in Mexico and Puerto Rico,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez continued, “(I also want students) to think about the beliefs and ideas in the movement for independence in Central America,” said Fernandez.

Fernandez says this is the third year its been presented and is usually held the same time of the anniversary of Mexico’s Independence Day.

Fernandez goes into depth about the important people and factors leading to the revolutionary wars.

From the Hidalgo Rebellion and the idea of Conservatism, to the rebel organizer of Spain, Ramon Emeterio Betances, Fernandez covered it all.

Joseph Mastron, blology major, said, “I thought (the presentation) was very good and interesting.”

To conclude the presentation, Fernandez wanted to hear what the students had to say about the presentation.

Fernandez wanted students to identify the similarities between the countries in terms of what every country wanted during the revolts.

Students were able to answer and create a small discussion at the end of the presentation.

To continue the festivities of Mexican and Central American Independence Days, Puente will be hosting a Bilingual English Spanish presentation on Sept. 18 at 11 a.m. in Falcon Square.