Chicanos looking to make their mark in medicine

Rick Gomez

Chicano/Latino Community Medicine held its first general meeting, last Thursday.
The meeting included a guest speaker, Ignacio Hernandez, coordinator of Bridges to the Baccalaureate research program in Cal State Long Beach.
“We want them to start thinking about careers in scientific research. We want to expose an opportunity out there,” Hernandez said.
Hernandez discussed the program Long Beach offers to minority groups with a science major from community colleges.
Ashley Rojas, biology major and secretary of CCM, said, “The information session of Bridges was very informed. He provided priceless information that we can take advantage of. We’re lucky to be given that on campus.”
The Bridges Baccalaureate Research Program is a nine-week paid position course that is offered every summer. In the nine weeks, students work on a lab research project which they present to fellow colleagues in the end.
“I’m here for two reasons: support the alumni from Bridges and to have a little information session about the program,” said Hernandez.
Hernandez stated in his speech, “I’m just trying to plant a seed for you all.”
Ricky Rueda, president of CCM, attended the program this past summer and explained to the club his experience in the program. 
“It felt great. You put such an emphasis on having that passion behind it,” Rueda explained.
Rueda also said the three main things he took from the program were networking, relationships, and communications.
Rojas’ explained that the main goal of CCM is to lend a hand.
CCM proved it by attending the health fair this past Sunday in Falcon Square.