Homecoming Court introduced

Rick Gomez

Of the 22 women running for Homecoming court, seven were elected to the court last Thursday.

The Homecoming Court is:
Helen Eggleston- Court Reporting
Victoria Kennedy- Forensics Club
Valerie Gomez- Independent
Umeamara Butt- International Student Association
Monique Meza- Cosmetology Club
April Garcia- Kabarkada Club
Karen Santoyo- ASET Club

The following morning, the new Homecoming court held its first meeting to discuss the Homecoming activities coming up in the next few weeks.

On Tuesday, the court introductions were held.

Dean Ackland, coordinator of student activities, held the meeting and stressed the same thing since day one.
“Get everyone involved,” Ackland said.
Ackland went over plans and procedures for the upcoming events.
Surprisingly, with all the information Ackland provided, the women had very little questions or concerns.
Adriana Venegas, 2007 Homecoming Queen, attended the meeting to talk about her own experiences while being in the court.
“Being in the Homecoming court can be very stressful. It gets very competitive. During all the Homecoming events, you have to stand out. Finding the time to do it was hard because it required a lot of time,” explained Venegas.
Venegas also had a few tips for the 2008 Homecoming court, “Be friendly at all times and don’t leave anyone out. Get everyone involved.”
April Garcia, Kabarkada Club, said, “I just have to go out,meet, and talk to new people every day.”
“I feel really special. People actually voted for me. My club helped me out a lot. We went around the school and talked to people,” said Garcia.
After the meeting, Venegas did stay after to answer any questions or concerns from the women.
Of the seven, six attended the meeting.

Karen Santoyo, ASET Club, was absent.

On Tuesday, the court introductions were held in the student center.

All seven court members were individually introduced with a series of questions ranging from where they grew up to who their favorite baseball teams are.

The Homecoming Queen candidates were given the opportunity to show what they are about.

Umeamara Butt, International Student Association, said, “It got us to get to know each other. It was actually fun. At first it felt more competitive, but now we’re working together.”

Out of the seven candidates, only two actually mentioned their club and the activities they’ve participated in.

Victoria Kennedy, Forensics Club, explained to students that she was not running because of a beauty pageant, she was running for her club.

“I think I have an upperhand. We (the candidates) have to remember that we have to represent our clubs.”

Monique Meza, cosmetology major, said, “People like to see us getting involved.  The school does not want to see it as an average beauty contest. You have to show that you do care for students.”

Garcia was a crowd favorite with her fellow club members all attending for support.

“They gave me confidence. The introduction was cool.  I was nervous but then i got over it.”

To continue the homecoming activities, activity night will be held in the social science patio at 6 p.m.