Dude looks like a lady

Rick Gomez

The Homecoming activities were continued with the mock rally being next on the list Thursday morning.

In the mock rally, each princess chose a male student to represent and mock her.

The student center was filled with numerous laughs from the crowd as the men were answering questions in their feminine voices and dancing with their short dresses on.

The mock rally was very similar the court introductions where as the disc jockey asked the men questions and also gave the men an opportunity to show off their dance skills.

The dancing varied from salsa to pop.

Each mocker was being judged and at the end of the rally.

After all seven men performed and the judges named Ricardo Mendoza, cosmetology major, the winner.

Mendoza was representing Monque Meza from the Cosmetology Club.

Mendoza said, “The mock rally was really fun. I came to support my team. It was a last call (and) someone had to do it.”

Mendoza also stated, “I think my win will enhance (Meza’s) chances of winning (Homecoming) Queen.”

A fan favorite in the mock rally was Kirsten Young, representing April Garcia of Kabarkada.

Young, remaining in his female character, said, “I’m so jealous (that Mendoza) won. (Mendoza) is good.”

The mock rally brings the candidates one step closer to the Homecoming Queen election today and tomorrow.