Forum: Lacy makes budget top priority

Rick Gomez

PHOTO SLIDE SHOW — I am the leader and motivator in a time of crisis,” said Linda Lacy, one of five presidential finalists for Cerritos College, on Tuesday at a public forum in Cerritos College at 4 p.m.

Lacy was scheduled first of five candidates participating in a public forum at Cerritos College this week.

Forum videoLacy made it clear that the struggling economy and tight budget would be at the top of her priority list if elected president of the college.

She expressed her optimism, despite the $14 million budget cut Cerritos will undergo, saying, “If you stop planning and stop dreaming when you don’t have any money, you will never look forward. You need to imagine.”

Aside from the budget, other issues on her priority list are “to spruce up the facilities” and going over the ARCC (Accounting Report for Community Colleges) report.

Lacy explained the importance of a great learning environment and rejected the idea of it being minute.

“Pride in your institution is very important to students. It’s very important to your community,” she explained.

Another issue on her priority list was the ARCC Report.

“We need to make sure why (ARCC Report) happened and start doing programs to fix it,” Lacy said.

She also mentioned implementing a textbook rental program in the bookstore to help students financially amid the high cost of textbooks and the possible tuition fee increase of $26 in the Fall semester.

Lacy, who has served Riverside City College for 23 years as an instructor and coach, is currently the vice chancellor of Student Services and Operations and also served as the past interim-president.