Football team routs East LA in opener

Rick Gomez

Quarterback Chris Morales led the offense with a touchdown in each of the first five possessions to lead the Cerritos College football team to a 49-7 victory over East Los Angeles in the season opener on Aug. 4 at Cerritos College.

In his first start for Cerritos College, it only took him one half to make his presence known before the second-team came in to finish the job in the second half.

Morales threw 262 yards and four touchdowns and gave the Cerritos a 35-point lead by halftime.

With the offense tallying 33 plays and 365 yards in the first half alone, head coach Frank Mazzotta believes this year’s squad is special.

“I think we’re really up on the talent. This team is not really a veteran team but a talented team,” Mazzotta said.

With the addition of receiving threat tight tend Luca Mealy, the Falcons were able to execute in the passing game.

Morales connected with Mealy five times including a third and long play and two touchdowns.

Prior to two seasons ago, Cerritos decided to run a shotgun offense that unsuccessful.

Mazzotta believes the tight end position is now crucial in a high powered offense.

He went back to adding the tight end in the offense because of the flexibility the position provides in both the run game and the pass game.

That was evident as Cerritos was also able to run the ball once the passing game was effective.

Cerritos rushed for a total of 103 yards in 12 rushes. Running back Marshaw Friloux led all running backs with a touchdown in only two rushes and 70 yards.

Mazzotta was also pleased with Morales’ performance on Friday night. He credits Morales’ improvement to his off-season training. 

Morales lost 20 lbs. and missed baseball to concentrate on strictly football over the off-season.