USB Flash drives aren’t the only thing you can receive at the innovation center

Students can recieve a free USB flash drive

Courtesy of MCT

Students can recieve a free USB flash drive

Gigi Cervantes

Web authors can now become Content Management System certified and can receive a free 1 GB USB flash/ thumb drive with the Cerritos College logo printed in it.

“In order to become certified, web authors must take and pass three quizzes which are open book and open note, ” stated Samuel Chavez, of the public affairs office.

There are approximately 30 questions on the test and web authors are allowed to miss up to three questions to pass the quiz.

“It is a great asset for web authors to put on their resume,” Chavez said.

Students can take the test all year long Monday- Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For the first 30 minutes of the quiz is used to review and discuss the quiz, but there is no time limit for the test.

“Each of the quizzes are different,” Chavez said, “the first one focuses on CMS, the second one on edit lite and the third on web accessibility.”

Students interested in taking the quizzes receive e-mails from Chavez that takes them to links to help them prepare for the quizzes.

Chavez said, “Students who wish to take the test without studying are also welcomed.”

The certification is self paced and web authors do not have to take all three quizzes within one week.

Students who wish to take the quizzes can schedule an appointment in the Innovation Center (LC 121).