Woodworking celebration showcases students’ work

Gigi Cervantes

Cerritos College will host its Fourth Annual Woodworking Celebration on Saturday, May 22 from 11 am to 3 pm in the parking lot in front of the WMT building.

Guests that attend the event will be able to enjoy a lunch, view the project exhibit and meet the community of woodworkers.

Anthony Fortner, woodworking professor, stated, “We showcase our students’ work because we want to show their energy and excitement.”

At the event, there will be outside professional woodworkers to judge the projects into different categories.

The judges will judge into three categories: furniture, cabinetry and accessories, such as turn bowls and jewelry boxes.

President of the Cerritos College Student Association of Woodworkers, Marci Crestani, said, “We catch the spirit of the woodworking community.

“We have many things to display from beginning to very advanced.”

Aside from the showcase and lunch, the celebration will also have a dunk tank and raffles.

“We really welcome people to check it out,” Crestani added.