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The first Inter Club Council Tournament will be taking place Thursday Sept. 22, beginning at 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A mandatory meeting was held on Sept. 15 regarding the Tournament that is being sponsored by the iFalcon Club. One of the speakers that went over a few rules was Raquel Ramirez, math major and event coordinator for the iFalcon club.

“We made it mandatory for at least one officer from each club to help set up cause its going to be a big event prior to the actual event,” she said.

The meeting was held to address any questions that the participating clubs might have from checking into the point system.

Justin McIntyre, economics major and president of the Economics Club said “I have informed [the club members] about the event and they have been very exited,” he said.

The location to check in to the tournament and were the event itself will take place is the Fitness Field, the new grass aria behind the student center and culinary arts department.

Only five players are needed per club and clubs are able to swap people within their teams, do to the fact that some clubs might not have many members.

Club member of the Leo Club, iFalcon Club, EOPS Club and Natural Science major, Angel Arvizu plans to participate along side all three clubs one at a time of cores.

“I’m exited, [the clubs] are like family, I’m always there when they need me and I just have fun” Arvizu said.

There was a mandatory $10 fee for the clubs entering the tournament, but 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the winning champion of the club tournament and the winner will be announced and receive their prize at the next icc meeting in October.

During the meeting it was asked for the participating clubs to help out with some donations for the tournament items such as plastic baseball bats, coolers, and golf balls, this are needed Sept. 21.

All donated items will be returned to their owners right after the tournament.

Ramirez continued to add that there was over 10 clubs enlisted for club tournament at the end of the meeting.

“As far as the rules go, it is five participants per club and clubs can change players as they please, but some games will require only pairs. Further details to the games and rules will be read out loud before each game starts, and after you have picked your players.”

Some of the games iFalcon Club will be hosting for the tournament will be a Balloon Toss, Three Legged Race, and Beach Volleyball.

The tournaments points system begins with all clubs playing five games.

After the fifth game, top four clubs will continue onto the semi finals, which will be determined by a point system.

Clubs will narrow down to top four then two, and finally they will battle it out for the championship.