Disabillity Mentoring Day set for Oct. 12


Pete Moye'

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Pete Moye’
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Approximately 12 disabled students will be attending the Disability Mentoring Day on Oct. 12, at the City Hall Council Chambers in Los Angeles.

Aurora Segura, counselor of the disabled student programs and services, has participated with Disability Mentoring Day for the past four years.

“I help our students with disabilities, by preparing them for employment, [with things] such as a resume,” Segura said.

The estimated number of students that attend Mentoring Day is typically 14 to 15.

“[The students] are so excited, they come in dressed really nice because that day of the event is like going to a job, and so some of them have a tie, the young ladies are dressed really nice,” Segura added.

She added, “There is employment out there for them, they can work, there are opportunities.

“For next time I would advertise [Mentoring Day] more, and encourage students more, maybe go out there and do more outreach and try to get students to consider going, because a lot don’t know about it.”