Participants lack in Kony 2012


Wilmer Vargas

Above is part of what the participants of Cover the Night did to show support for Invisible Children. Due to the lack of participation only a few of these displays were scattered throughout the Cerritos College campus and the surrounding areas.

After all of the buzz about Kony 2012 Cover the Night on Twitter and Facebook, on Friday there was very little sign of Kony 2012 participation.

There were very few posters and even fewer volunteers participating in Cover the Night in the Norwalk, Cerritos, Pico Rivera and Santa Fe Springs areas.

Cover the Night was an event that was to take place at sundown as people across the nation cover their cities in Kony 2012 posters, making the Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony ultimately famous.

The point of making him famous would help create support for the United States Army to go into Africa, track down Kony, and arrest him.

After the Kony 2012 video went viral, people around the world, especially the younger generations, were tweeting and posting on Facebook about how impacted they were after watching the video and talked about how they were going to do their part to support the cause, which included Cover the Night.

Only the two people in charge of the local aspect of the event showed up to the meeting place to start putting posters up.

Rio Hondo College criminal justice major Leslie Raymundo, was the coordinator for the Norwalk, Cerritos area said she was disappointed that no one had shown up.

“It goes to show who’s really doing it to help and who’s really doing it just to be part of a fad,” Raymundo said.

Raymundo and her friend Michelle Perez were the only ones to show up to the event.

Perez, an architecture major at Long Beach City College, said that she expected to see many more people from surrounding colleges such as Fullerton, Cypress, and Cerritos.

“The event that was done on Facebook for the Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs area was sent to about a thousand people and 600 said they were going to do it so I’m pretty sure some of them are doing it but just didn’t meet there [at the meeting place for the event] but they’re doing some type of awareness.”

Raymundo and Perez came prepared for the event, they wore their red Kony 2012 shirts, had two large posters and about 50 flyers to handout to their followers and to put up around cities.

The first place to receive a poster was Five Guys Burgers and Fries on South and Gridley Road.

Just before closing up, the two women asked if they could put their poster up inside the glass door of the fast food restaurant.

Five Guys employee D’Michael Jackson said that he was excited to see the first poster being put up.

Jackson added, “That right there was definitely an inspiration to us all at Five Guys.

“A lot of us don’t know what Kony 2012 was about.”

He said that he even considered joining the cause.

“If I could get a couple of posters, I was actually thinking of going to go get some spray-paint and hitting it up at midnight.”

The next poster to be seen was at Villa’s restaurant in Santa Fe Springs.

Villa’s employee Sergio Hernandez wasn’t even aware of what the purpose of the poster was.

He said that two attractive young women stopped by the restaurant and asked if they could put up the poster and he said yes.

“We have to support our customers,” Hernandez said.

Customer Ryan Almeida said that he watched the Kony 2012 video so when he saw the poster, he knew what it was for.

After seeing the Kony poster, he said, “I think it’s cool that people are out there doing stuff to make people aware of stuff that’s going on around the world.”

He decided that he was not going to participate in the event and felt that others were just going with the fad and didn’t really care for what the cause was about.

“I think some people thought it wasn’t a legitimate cause and I don’t know if it is or not.”

The event was supposed to end at 4 a.m. at Cerritos College.

However, since there wasn’t a turnout, the event ended whenever the people who were putting up posters finished and they would depart home.

Raymundo and Almeida both said that it was probably because the day was 4/20, they said many of the people their age were out partying and simply forgot.

However on Monday, Cerritos College’s Falcon Square was surrounded by Kony 2012 posters and phrases written on the cement in chalk.

The time when students posted everything up is uncertain.

At the front of the school, someone had spray-painted “KONY 2012” in white paint.